Update: life marches on

by Kim August 7, 2011

A recap on the changes that have been happening lately. In the past six weeks we put our house on the market, sold 75% of our worldly possessions and moved into an apartment. How’s that for a busy six weeks?

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The Crotchless Shorts Story

by Kim June 7, 2011

Crotchless shorts taught me a valuable lesson about respecting what I already have.

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Simple Tricks to Save Hundreds

by Kim January 30, 2011

Making these small changes at home can that add up to lots of extra money to fund your dream (that’s the whole point, right?).

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Paring Down

by design December 7, 2010

An unexpected benefit of the RTW planning process is a daily realization of how much I don’t need. As we make preparations to sell, loan out, or give away what we own, I’m conscious of each new items we take on.

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