Get Out More Tour

As an international traveler and adventurer, I love sharing stories about life on the road and inspiring others to dream big and push the boundaries of possibility within their own lives.

For the bulk of 2014 I worked for BACKPACKER Magazine traveling the U.S.A. on the Get Out More Tour. The tour took my husband, Brian, and I through 47 states as we shared our stories of travel and backcountry adventure with outdoor enthusiasts across the U.S.A.

From walking the Camino de Santiago to driving a rickshaw through India to backpacking through the Himalayan Mountains, I’ve been fortunate enough to live a number of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. And I want to show others that their once-in-a-lifetime adventures are possible too. When I stand in front of a crowd I hope to leave audiences inspired to believe in their biggest dreams.

So where can I speak for you?

To arrange a speaking engagement, contact at Books in Common, 541-318-6288.