In a personal effort to express more gratitude in my life, I’ve started the Dear Life series, a weekly thank-you letter to life, which I post every Monday here on So Many Places.

I want to invite you to join me. Sit down, wherever you are, and take five minutes to observe the beauty around you. Write your own homage of gratitude and then send it to me.

I’ll be posting your Dear Life submissions each week throughout the summer. To submit yours, send me an email that includes your name, location, date, and time at which you are writing, a photo or two if you’d like (710 x 533 or 540 x 763 or larger), and your website address if you have one. Make sure to begin your submission with:

Dear Life,

Thank you for…

And then send it to me at kim.somanyplaces (@)

If you have your own blog and would like to publish your own Dear Life homage on your site please do so. I ask that you link back to this post and then send me the URL to your Dear Life submission. I will include the link in my next Dear Life column.

Thank you,