Are you considering walking the Camino de Santiago?

I walked El Camino Frances (the French Way and the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago) in September-October 2013 and documented the trip here on my blog. Afterwards, I asked my readers to send me their burning questions about the Camino. Their questions, and my answers, have formed this Camino de Santiago guide that is for sale now for only $1.99.

What this Camino de Santiago guide provides:

  • Answers to over 60 of the most frequently asked Camino de Santiago questions like:

                    Is the Camino well marked? Do I need a map or guide?

                    What is an albergue and what are they like?

                    How much money should I carry? Are ATMs widely available?

                    Will I be able to charge my camera battery along the trail?

  • A complete Camino de Santiago packing list
  • Recommendations for guide books and links to Camino de Santiago resources
  • Access to my inbox. If your question isn’t answered in this FAQ email me and I’ll answer within 5 business days.

What this guide does not provide:

  • Maps, route information, and albergue reviews or recommendations.
  • This is not a guidebook!

Get your FAQ guide, it’s only $1.99!