Many Ways to See The USA

by Kim on May 26, 2017

There is nothing quite as iconic and American as a good old US road trip. There are many ways to see the USA: by car, train, RV, bicycle, bus, foot and motorcycle. For decades, people have been packing their bags and hitting the road on the search for the nation’s most beautiful landmarks and quirkiest roadside attractions. Indeed, taking a road trip across the USA is something that everyone should plan to do at least once in their lifetime. Below are three fun ways to see the USA.


One unique way to see the country is by driving a motorcycle. Motorcyclists love the sense of freedom they have on the back of a bike, exposed to the elements and yet still able to move at a quick pace when necessary. Many cyclists will choose to take back roads or county highways to get a better sense of the scope and beauty of the country. If you set out on a motorcycle trip make sure to get the best motorcycle parts online before you go so that you can be prepared in case there are any breakdowns.

Photo by Dave_S on Flickr Creative Commons


It is becoming increasingly popular to ride a bicycle across the USA. One popular route is to bike the American Discovery Trail. On these back roads and biways, bicyclists will encounter some hard climbs (over the Rocky Mountains) but also some of the most beautiful and iconic scenery around. It can take nearly two months to bike across the USA, so make sure you have the time (and energy!) to take the trip.


Many people are unaware that the USA has a great Amtrak train system with rails that crisscross the USA. Though it will likely cost just as much as flying, taking a train across the USA will allow travelers to see the scenery from the train window. Riders can also stop at different stations to check out local towns before getting back on the train and moving on. The Amtrak trains serve most large cities and many smaller cities as well.