The Best Broadway Shows in New York City

by Kim on October 20, 2016 · 1 comment

No trip to the Big Apple is complete without scoring tickets to at least one Broadway show; over 13 million people do just that each year. But with forty Broadway theaters to choose from, how does the excited theatergoer decide which show to buy tickets to? Below are 5 of the most popular and highly rated shows on Broadway right now. The next time you’re in New York City and struggling over which Broadway tickets to choose, go for one of these shows and you won’t be disappointed.


Photo by Randy Lemoine, Flickr Creative Commons


Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard about the rave reviews that Hamilton is getting. This is a show about the founding father of America, Alexander Hamilton. In 2016 it received a record setting sixteen Tony Award nominations and won eleven of them. It also won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. With a diverse cast and hip-hop inspired telling of the founding of the United States, you’ll walk away from your evening at Hamilton both educated and entertained.

The Book of Mormon

This Broadway phenomenon is a religious satire with singing. It follows the story of two Mormon missionaries as they share their religious teachings with the inhabitants of a small village in Uganda, who are preoccupied with larger, more important concerns. The Broadway production won nine Tony Awards and a Grammy Award and has now done two national tours.

The Lion King

This musical debuted way back in 1997 and is still on the big stage today. It’s the third longest running Broadway show of all time and has been seen by over eighty-five million people. Based on the Disney film by the same name, this show is artfully designed and has been described as a “feast for both the eyes and ears.” 

The Color Purple

Based on the 1982 novel by Alice Walker, this gospel filled musical about a young African American girl named Celie follows forty years of her life as she comes into her own, beginning in the south in the early twentieth century. Described as “a direct hit to the heart,” Celie possesses a rare and intoxicating spirit that will leave you cheering for her and the musical as a whole.

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof is about a man and his five daughters, set in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century. The father, Tevye, attempts to hold on to his Jewish religion and cultural traditions even as the outside world moves forward without him. His strong-willed daughters have their own plans in life and of course they don’t line up with their fathers plans. This Broadway production runs only until the end of 2016, so if you haven’t seen it yet now is the time!