A Selection of America’s Finest Road Trips

by Kim on October 19, 2016

Ah, road tripping across the USA. It’s the dream, right? A road trip down Route 66 is the number one item on my personal bucket list, and is probably the most well-known American road trip route of them all. However, there are so many other, often less-well known, though no less enjoyable road trip routes scattered all the way across the USA. Today, I’m going to share my top three road trip picks with you.

Pacific Coast Highway
Route 66 might be the road trip with all the history, but the Pacific Coast Highway drive – or California State Route 1 as it is also known – is the route with all the best views. Take in the scenic coastal towns of Monterey and Carmel as you coast down the highway with the wind in your hair. The truly spectacular views of Big Sur are not to be missed. Then, of course, there’s the town of San Simeon, where you must stop and take a look at the historic Hearst Castle. Hearst Castle tours start at $25 for adults. The opulence and splendour you’ll witness while there, is well worth the asking price.

Monument Valley
Think you’ve never heard of Monument Valley? Well, I bet you’ve seen it before. This Navajo Tribal Park, which is located on the border of Arizona and Utah, was frequently used as a shooting location for old Western movies, thanks to its unique, imposing and all-impressive rock formation. If you’re looking for the Wild West, then Monument Valley is where it’s at. Of course, trekking around a place of such wild, natural beauty as Monument Valley comes with its own risks, so you’ve got to make sure that you invest in some travel insurance before you go on your trip. This travel insurance will cover you for all eventualities, and will give you great peace of mind while you undertake your Monument Valley road trip. Before you stop at Monument Valley, be sure to make a call along the way to the famous Grand Canyon. Here, you’ll find so much to see and do. Don’t miss out on the beautiful Havasu Falls, which are free to visit.

Route 66
OK, so I’ve mentioned it before, but I couldn’t wrap up this quick American road trip guide without re-visiting Route 66, the most famous road trip route of them all. This historic highway, which is also known as the Main Street of America, originally ran all the way from Chicago to California. Built in 1926, this road is so famous that it has had songs, and even a TV show named after it. For a truly authentic American road trip experience where you can eat waffles for breakfast at retro-style diners and spend the night in roadside motels, Route 66 is second-to-none. Famous for its quirky sights that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world, make sure you check out Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park and also the famous Cadillac Ranch as you journey your way across Route 66.