So Many Reasons to Visit Europe

by Kim on September 29, 2016

There are many reasons to travel. Exposure to new cultures and historical sites and getting out of your daily rut to experience someplace new are just a few of them. Because it’s easy to catch flights London, Paris or beyond, I love traveling to Europe to get a taste of new culture without completely breaking the bank.

Europe is connected and incredibly accessible, so once you arrive in any major European city possibilities abound. Fly to Paris and take the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, explore the café culture or get lost wandering through the romantic and ancient cobblestone alleyways… and then take the train to Barcelona the next day. It’s a different country, language and culture separated by only a few hundred miles. You won’t believe how different Spain is from France, though they are neighbors and both can be visited in one day.

Likewise, you can catch a flight to England and spend a day exploring London, Leeds or Glasgow. Stop by Big Ben in the big city or head to the countryside to see Stonehenge or medieval villages and churches. Head to Manchester and catch a soccer game and then catch a flight to somewhere new- Brussels? Amsterdam? Berlin? There are flights from Manchester to Paris and there are trains from Paris to most other places in Europe. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

London Underground

London Underground

Photo by _dChris Flickr Creative Commons

As an American it’s hard to imagine a place where a few hours of driving or a quick 45-minute flight could drop us into a whole new country and a whole new world. But that’s just how it is in Europe. That’s why I encourage everyone to spend at least a few months meandering around the European countries. Not only will you walk away with memories that will last a lifetime, but you’ll also have a much stronger understanding of history and the many cultures in the world.