Planning a Trip Abroad: Where to Find the Latest Information on Your Destination

by Kim on August 6, 2016

Regardless of where in the world you are planning to visit, it is always a savvy thing to do to find out as much as possible about your chosen destination, so that you are prepared and ready to avoid any potentially difficult scenarios.

Actually getting to your chosen country in the first place can be a challenge, with cancellations and delays a regular occurrence. If you are delayed, try Bott & Co’s flight delay checker to see if you’re entitled to compensation.

The threat of serious diseases

If you are planning a trip to somewhere familiar in mainland Europe, you are not likely to be at risk from contracting a serious infection like typhoid or yellow fever, but there is a much higher potential danger in some more exotic locations.

The vaccinations you may have had as a child were designed to provide protection against a number of different diseases, but it is definitely advisable to check what infectious diseases you need to protect yourself from, based on where in the world you are headed.

Check a site like fitfortravel, which provides comprehensive travel health information, so that you can arrange to have any inoculations needed and be sure that you are not exposed to the prospect of contracting a serious disease.

Tourist information

When you are visiting a country that you are not familiar with, you are much more likely to get more out of your tourist experience and hopefully avoid any problems, if you do some basic research about the area you are going to.

Most places will have various tourist information websites so that you can get a guide to what sights to see as well as some useful local details that could prove invaluable, such as cultures and customs.

The majority of places in the world are welcoming towards tourists in general, but there are definitely regions and specific locations where it could be easy to offend or even fall foul of some very different laws to the ones that you are normally used to.

There is always plenty of tourist information available online, so check out these details to see what to expect and even how you are expected to behave, if you want to enjoy a positive cultural exchange.

Visa requirements

There are a many destinations around the world where you will need to get prior approval from the immigration authorities before you can land on their soil and go exploring.

If you are booking your trip through a travel agent, they should make you aware of any visa requirements at a very early stage, so that you can make the relevant applications.

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office website provides travel advice amongst others, so if you are booking a trip by yourself, make sure you check to see whether a visa is going to be required and what paperwork you will need to complete.

If you are heading to the United States for example, you will not be granted entry unless you have completed an ESTA application and been approved for travel.

As a general rule, your travel plans will often go more smoothly if you prepare for your trip in advance and arrive armed with the right paperwork and some local knowledge.

Janine Lewis is one of those people who starts planning next year’s trip away the week after she gets back from the current family vacation! She just loves planning, and there are so many places to see in the world that she often gets a bit carried away!