Little Ways to Live an Inspired Life

by Kim on July 22, 2016

Leaving the 9-to-5 grind behind to pursue a life of travel and adventure is an amazing decision. There are many people who would love to do the same, but who have obligations that make it unfeasible. Even if you are not able to physically leave your current life behind, you can still fight for your dreams and discover inspiration in your immediate surroundings. Here are a few ways to infuse your current lifestyle with a sense of purpose and exploration.

Read Good Books
Just because you need to stick around town right now doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip. When you were a child, you probably learned that reading can transport you to faraway times and places. You don’t have to abandon that magic just because you are an adult. Instead, use books to take transformative journeys.

If your dream is to travel, then read the works of adventurers like Jack Kerouac and Thoreau. If your dream is to become a writer, then read novels by your favorite authors and absorb their styles. If you want to rise to the top of a certain field, then read about its defining leaders. Finding inspiration in the pages of books will fuel you to keep your goals in sight, even if the current circumstances are not ideal for chasing them.

Write Good Words
All of that reading is going to make a writer out of you. At least once a week, sit down and write about your life. Write about what it is like to watch your friends become parents, about playing Scrabble with your spouse, about the sound of your dog’s tail thumping on the floor. Journaling is beneficial on many levels. Articulating your thoughts will help you make sense of the things that are troubling you and explore the things that intrigue you. In short, writing provides you with all the insight you never knew you needed.

Products With Purpose

Ours has often been called a “throwaway culture,” and for good reason. We buy more than we need and then we throw away the things we buy before they are used up. Oftentimes, the products that become waste were produced wastefully, harming the environment. It is next to impossible to avoid buying things altogether, but you can make wiser purchases by buying from companies whose vision extends beyond making money.

For example, the food tech company hamptoncreek is fueled by the mission to make healthy, great-tasting food more widely accessible. They are continually researching ways to use plant products instead of artificial or unsustainable ones. Their cookies and condiments manage to boast the trifecta of tasting good, being good for the body, and being good for the environment. Hampton Creek’s bottom line is not in their profits—it is in making strides towards a better world. By buying from them and other companies with noble missions, you can help make their dreams—and, by extension, your dreams—into reality.

Mini Adventures
You do not have to turn your life upside down to have an adventure. You can simply find the ones waiting in your own backyard. The Appalachian Trail is 2200 miles long. While many people have managed to hike it in its entirety, many more have conquered a few portions here and there—and you can, too.

A quick internet search is all you need to discover the hiking trails, museums, landmarks, and other points of interest in your area. When you find a place that sparks your interest, take a trip to visit it. Be sure to engage with your surroundings and take the opportunity to learn something while you are out there. Learn the strategies and fall out of a Civil War battle, or learn about the flora and fauna on your hike. Finding and taking small adventures is sure to bring a breath of fresh air to your life and give you the motivation you need to tackle anything.

Catch the Life You Want

It might not be possible for you to leave your current lives behind at the drop of a hat to pursue your dreams. What you can do is prepare yourself for any adventures that may come your way by finding the adventures that are in front of you right now. Challenge your mind, buy from companies whose missions resonate with you, and push your body to new limits. Find purpose and inspiration in the little things. The little things have a way of becoming the big things.