There’s Something for Everyone in Thailand

by Kim on April 8, 2016

Ask any traveler what their favorite destination is and you’re likely to hear Thailand echoed over and over again. There’s just something about this SE Asian national that keeps travelers coming back throughout their lifetime. With it’s the world-class beaches, amazing street food, bustling cities and lush, green mountain highlands, there truly is something for everyone in Thailand, whether you prefer an urban escape or a luxurious beach vacation.

I guess the real question is—what to do and where to stay while you’re there? The first question is harder to answer (but I’ll try below) and the second question is less so. There are a large array of guest houses and hotels that can suit a backpackers budget and there are also amazing Thailand vacation rentals perfect for large groups looking to rent an upscale, state-of-the-art home while visiting Thailand.

Now, what to do?

Well, first of all, you can’t come to Thailand without visiting one (or more!) of the world-class beaches and small islands off of the mainland. There are plenty to choose from, and wikitravel is a good place to begin your research.


Ko Lanta- this island has beautiful beaches and is popular with tourists that want to avoid the party scene that crops up on many of Thailand’s other beaches. Because of it’s more relaxed atmosphere, it’s popular with families that have children. It’s also a popular hot spot for diving.

Ko Lanta Paul Arps Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Paul Arps Flickr Creative Commons

Pattaya- this is a busy beach resort with a lot of wild nightlife- perfect for the person that is looking for the opposite of what they will find on Ko Lanta. While the beaches aren’t as impressive as other areas of Thailand, it’s the place for people looking for a party scene.

Ko Lipe- A small island that is a big tourist attraction, Ko Lipe can be covered by foot in one day. Diving, kayaking and snorkeling are all popular tourist attractions on the island.

City (Bangkok)

Khaosan Road- Most backpackers in Thailand will know about this “backpackers ghetto” lined with cheap hotels, travel agents, bars, food and shops that sell handicrafts and a wide array of other things. Even if you want nicer accommodations than what Khaosan Road has to offer, it’s still worth a stop for the people watching alone.

Grand Palace- Located in the heart of Bangkok, this palace is an impressive and ornate set of structures that is partially open to the public (there is a museum inside). It’s definitely worth a stop to take in some authentic Thai architecture and snap a photo or two.

Eat- Thailand has some of the best food in the world and Bangkok is the epicenter of that food revolution. There is amazing street food everywhere you look in Bangkok! Sign up for one of the many food tours around the city, or just set out to any of the night markets and conduct a food tour of your own. No matter what, you won’t be disappointed.

Mountains (Chiang Mai)

Popular with tourists and long-term expats, Chiang Mai is a comfortable place to visit (that’s why so many end up staying). It’s nearby to a few national parks and has over 300 Buddhist temples which makes it the most culturally significant city in Thailand. Couple that with great places to stay and great food to eat and a visit to Chiang Mai should be on your list!

Chiang Mai Paul Arps flickr creative commons

Photo by Paul Arps Flickr Creative Commons