10 Important Items Children Need On A Long Flight

by Kim on March 3, 2016


Photo Credit: Lars Plougmann via Compfight cc

Unbeknownst to many, traveling has its own benefits to children. A study featured by She Knows revealed that those children who travel over vacation have better school grading results, from reading, math and general knowledge than their friends who didn’t. It appears that family travel “contributes to cognitive growth and stimulates a child’s sense of wonderment,” as it opens up their minds to learning.

When going on a long flight, it’s common that children experience travel sickness. A kids’ safety travel guide suggests the following tips to help them ease the pain and enjoy the trip:

·         Avoid screens

·         Eat little and often

·         Bring travel sickness tablets

·         Request a seat closer to the front

·         Drink plenty of water

·         Get extra sick bags and baby wipes

But, children in general need more than medication to get by a long flight. In this post, we will highlight ten of the most important items parents need to bring to ensure their children are enjoying the trip even when they are in a long flight.

1. Essential documents – Bring all the necessary travel documents of your child, starting with their passports with approved visa, emergency contact details, a copy of travel insurance, booking confirmation of travel and hotel, as well as emergency cash including credit cards and checks.

2. Medical supplies – When on a long flight, you need to bring all the important medical needs of your little one. Apart from the ones listed above, there are other medications you need to bring on your trip. In the pediatric section of the About Health, they mentioned that following medication: prescription meds for those with allergies and health conditions, first aid kit, sterilizing equipment for bottle-fed infants, and inspect repellent.

3. Toys – Do not bring all your children’s toys on their trip, if you don’t want to pay extra for luggage fee. Only bring the necessary ones that they usually play. A max of three small toys with big parts (best if stuffed toy)will be enough to keep the busy. A list presented by the Daily Mail presented top 10 toys you can take with you, such as ‘Play doh’, Uno, Magnetic travel game, finger puppets and more.

4. Hand Luggage – There should be enough important items on your child’s hand luggage. These should be part of your hand luggage packing list: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, plastic bags, blankets, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a spare change of clothes.

5. General luggage  – Their general luggage should also come with all they need for the destination. It should be based on the weather on the said location. Bring seasonal attire if necessary or pact sun protective clothing if it’s summer. Waterproof clothing will also be necessary if embarking on an adventure trip. Bring towels and swimwear if necessary.

6. Necessary for babies – Travelling with infants require more packing experience, as you will need to take stroller, nappies, baby bottles, baby food, and their chew toys to keep them busy. It’s often hard to control them crying, so make sure you pack enough food for them to keep them busy.

7. Necessary for young children – Young children and toddlers are a lot easier to control but they also need some important items on the flight, such as travel pillow, colouring books, sippy cups and a spare clothes.

8. Helpful gadgets – Some children prefer playing games over their parent’s smartphones or tablets. Download some kids’ games or apps to keep them busy. Consider educational and learning apps. A study featured by CTV News mentioned that one-third of children under one are already tablet and smartphone users. So, it’s not at all surprising if they are now attached to your mobile devices, just make sure to explain to them the responsible way of using it.

9. Travel insurance – Wherever you go, you will need a travel insurance to ensure your family is covered from unnecessary expenses wherever you go. Typically, it will cover your medical expenses and fee for cancellation of trip. But, family emergency is now considered in this coverage and other unwanted expenses, such as travel delay cost and lost of luggage.

10. Small snacks – Another way to keep them busy is to ensure they are eating on time. Airline food is commonly not that delicious and healthy. So, it’s best to pack some small snacks less in sugar, such as biscuits and fruits.

The best way to keep them tamed when on a long trip will be to set their expectations ahead of time. Explain to them that they need to be quiet to ensure other passengers will not be bothered. Discuss some of the important in-flight rules, such keeping the seatbealt on as much as possible. We hope this list has helped you pack accordingly for the trip. Bon Voyage!