Cross the Pond for a South American Cruise

by Kim on February 29, 2016

I’ve always been jealous of the British if for no other reason than your location on the map. Because you are citizens of the EU, you’ve got free range to travel Europe (and most countries are a quick flight or train ride away), something that my American mind daydreams of constantly. And, it’s possible to drive from the UK all the way to India and beyond. Just thinking of a road trip like that gets my mental wheels turning.

So, it’s nice to be reminded every once in awhile of the countries that are accessible to me based on my location in North America. I can drive all the way down to Argentina if I want to, passing through both Central and South America without having to catch a flight and cross an ocean. So, as a celebration to my own (often overlooked) overland potential, I wanted to share a bit of Central American travel highlights with my UK counterparts.

One of the best parts of traveling Central America is enjoying the many pristine beaches that line the Caribbean Sea. And what better way to see a multitude of countries and a variety of beaches than with a cruise? There are a lot of cruising options, but it is possible within a week’s time to see Jamaica, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica- four countries in one week!

The highlights of a cruise like this are many. In Jamaica, you can enjoy reggae bars, Caribbean restaurants and of course the spectacular, sparkling blue water of the Caribbean. In Montego Bay, Jamaica, visitors can visit waterfalls, raft on a nearby river, tour plantation houses or just swim in the ocean.

Montego Bay Jamaica

Montego Bay, Jamaica. Photo Flickr Creative Commons by Gail Frederick

Next up is Colombia, a country that is not as well-known for its beaches but should be! In Santa Marta, Columbia- the countries oldest city that was founded by the Spanish back in the 1500’s, visitors can enjoy a piece of history along with their beach oasis. The Tayrona National Park is nearby- a place to spot a huge variety of animals, including monkeys, or just walk along the white sand beaches taking in the jungle and coastal view.

The third stop on a Central American cruise is Panama. Panama is famous for it’s canal but of course offers visitors so much more! From touring the ancient cities to visiting indigenous villages tucked away in the forest, there are so many activities for a curious traveler to enjoy.

The final stop, before returning to Jamaica, is a port in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is famous for it’s jungles, beautiful beaches, and laid-back way of life. In Puerto Limon there are plenty of active adventures to partake in- from visiting the sloth sanctuary to trekking through the Tortuguero National Park, but if it were me, I think I’d just make myself comfortable on Costa Rica’s world famous beaches, have a drink and watch the waves crash onto the shore.

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park. Photo Flickr Creative Commons by Global Water Forum.

There’s plenty of travel opportunities from the UK, but I hope I’ve convinced a few of my British readers that there are plenty of good reasons to cross the pond on your next holiday!