5 Most Amazing Places Recently Added to UNESCO World Hertiage List

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The UNESCO World Heritage list contains hundreds of amazing places around the world. Each of them has an individual history, culture and biodiversity, so even the most demanding travelers here can find everything they dreamed of and more!

If you have a chance, do not choose group tours, and definitely try to visit it individually for a lot more time to explore the place without other tourists blocking the view. Start with these five locations in the world, according to my new friends who help you to book cheap hotels online a lot easier too.

The list of countries and areas are indeed different, but they have one thing in common. Here both nature and history lovers can find something interesting. So go ahead to explore Argentina, Australia, Sicily, South Korea and the United States!

Getting to know the nature and culture of Argentina


Argentina is large and very diverse country. In different parts of this country, you can see the verifying terrains and a few different climate zones such a few kilometers apart.

If you wish to see the country quickly but still capture the essence of it, at least, plan your trip to take around fourteen days. The trip should start and end in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, as you visit the beautiful Iguazu Falls, which is often included in the “must see” list of places, and one of the oldest cities across the country – San Antonio de Areco.

A trip to the Kimberley and Kakadu national parks


To discover Australia, you should definitely take your time.This country is incredibly vast and full of a lot of amazing and contrasting things.

Those who have tried it can testify that the 18-day trip to Australia’s Kakadu National Park and the Kimberley region leaves the impression for a lifetime. Located in the northern part of the country, Kakadu National Park is in similar size to half of Switzerland.

At Kimberley National Park, you can admire the cliffs, majestic rivers and savannas’ landscapes. Both parks have an immense diversity of flora and fauna, at it is also home to the great Australian saltwater crocodiles. The best time to visit it is from May to October so that you can try desert safaris or crocodile cruises.

Walks in Sicily


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, and for many years, it attracts a lot of tourists’ interest. Many of the surrounding areas there are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, so Sicily is definitely worth stopping by.

A planned ten-day trip here is truly worthwhile, and you should start from a quiet evening, enjoying authentically Italian food and wine in one of the many local cafes. The most prominent place that should be visited is the capital, Palermo. Here you can climb the legendary Erica’s Hill and take a walk through the Valley of the Temples.

When visiting Sicily, visit the cities of Syracuse and Catania and see Europe’s largest functioning volcano Etna. Lovers of architecture should visit the famous Taormina, which was built in 3-4 centuries before Christ.

Introduction to South Korea


South Korea is an impressive country that is rich in its history and a variety of entertainment. This modern country is also rich in ancient Buddhist temples and national parks too, so everyone can find what they are looking for without any doubt.

Here, plan the eleven-day-long trip which is worth to start in the capital, Seoul, where you can find a variety of tourist attractions. Then travel to Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom. This city is also known as a “museum without walls” because of the large amounts of various historical buildings located in its territory. Here, stand Bulguksa and Seokguram temples which recently became famous for their Buddha statue overlooking at the sea, which is the first in South Korea, added to UNESCO’s world heritage.

A trip to the Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee


A fourteen-day-long trip through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee will be remembered by everyone, but especially for those who are interested in US history.

The tour should start in Lafayette, where you can walk through the swamps, and then head to New Orleans, which is famous for jazz music and the air full of freedom and pleasure.

You can also follow the track of Martin Luther King’s footsteps, visit the Chickamauga battlefield, which was one of the main locations during the American Civil War, or hike the great Smokey Mountain in the national park.

During this trip, it is definitely worth visiting the famous Jack Daniels and Tabasco sauce factories and stop by at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame.


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