24 Hours in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a beautiful, world-class city nestled on the Iberian Peninsula. One could spend days walking the boardwalk that runs along the ocean or exploring the winding, cobbled streets in the city’s Gothic Quarter. But what should one do with only 24-hours in the city? Find out below.

Visit La Sagrada Familia

Not many tourist destinations live up to the hype and even fewer surpass it. La Sagrada Familia does both. La Sagrada Familia is a large church that rises up from the urban streets of Barcelona like a gothic dream. Designed by Spanish architect Gaudi, the church has been under construction since 1882 and the anticipated completion date is not until 2026. What makes the church so special? The gothic architecture, towering spires, and the play of light and shadow through the windows are just a few things that set this church apart. La Sagrada Familia is truly a place that must be seen to be appreciated. There’s no doubt that you will leave feeling awed.

la sagrada familia

Photo by Antonio Tajuelo on Flickr Creative Commons

See the City with a Barcelona Free Walking Tour

There’s no better way to explore a city than on foot and the Barcelona Free Walking Tour will show you the best of the city in under 3 hours. From a winding walk through the city’s ancient Gothic Quarter to stumbling upon Roman ruins and hidden plazas, this tour will leave you with a deep understanding of Spanish culture and history. Don’t forget, though, that the tour isn’t really free. The guides of these tours work hard for their tips.

Walk the Boardwalk 

The beaches of Barcelona are beautiful and what makes them even more amazing is that one can walk right out of the city and onto the beach. A beautiful boardwalk runs up and down Barcelona’s coast and is a perfect place to stroll to take in the beauty of the Mediterranean sea and people watch. If you’ve got an extra hour to spare bring your suit and hop on in.

Head out for Tapas and Wine

No trip to Spain would be complete without an evening spent out in the plaza sipping wine and eating tapas. It has been said that people in Barcelona plan dinner while they’re eating lunch- food is a way of life in Spain. And what better way to sample that food than with tapas, small bites that are often served for free when ordered with wine. Almost every establishment that serves drinks will also serve tapas, so pop into several bars and restaurants to sample the fare.

For other great Barcelona travel ideas take a look at Alpharooms guide to Spain. Although 24-hours in Barcelona isn’t nearly enough, you’ll get a wonderful feel for the city by following these tips. Enjoy Barcelona and happy sightseeing.


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