Travel the World. We’ll Teach You How. Announcing: Travel School!

by Kim on January 26, 2015 · 20 comments

There is a reason that I’ve barely left my apartment in months. And today I am extremely happy (and maybe just a little bit nervous) to announce what Brian and I have been working hard on since we arrived in Mexico: Travel School!!!

Travel School

So what is Travel School? It’s a self-paced, 4-week e-course that will teach you everything you need to know to travel internationally long-term. And we’re offering an early bird discount if you sign up for the course before it launches on February 9, 2015… more info on that below!

We’ve created Travel School to remove the learning curve for anyone who wants to travel long-term. Whether your plans include a career break, a gap year, travel in retirement or living on the road as a digital nomad, Travel School will walk you step-by-step through the process of planning and executing long-term travel.

The course is divided into 4 modules: Saving & Managing Your Money, Pre-Trip Preparation, The Heart Part and Life on the Road.

Module 1 focuses on preparing your financials before you hit the road. This includes showing you how to develop a savings plan, create a saving goal, and how to keep your savings on track when unexpected expenses pop up. But Module 1 is about more than just saving money – it will also teach you what banks and credit cards are best for long-term travelers and how to pay your bills and taxes while you are overseas. In Module 1, you’ll learn how to develop the financial foundation that makes long-term travel possible.

Module 1 will also answer the question on everyone’s mind: How much does it cost to travel long-term? If you want a sneak-peak at Travel School we’re giving this video away for free.

Module 2 covers the non-financial part of trip preparation. This includes things like how to choose where to go, what you should pack, how to pare down your possessions, and what you need to know about the insurance options you’ll have. Also included is the most comprehensive breakdown of how RTW ticket programs work that you’ll be able to find on the Internet.

Titled “The Heart Part,” in Module 3 you’ll learn how to clear all of the emotional hurdles that long-term travel will put in front of you. This includes working through the fear of a major life change, leaving friends, family, and pets, and what to do if one partner wants to travel more than the other. But The Heart Part isn’t all about your pre-trip emotions. You’ll also learn what to do when you hit emotional speed bumps on the road. Things like travel burnout, decision fatigue, and spending so much time with your partner can make even the best travel experience seem like a chore, so you’ll learn how to work through all of these common emotional hang-ups when you are on the road.

The last part of Travel School, Module 4, is all about your life on the road. We cover the important aspects of on-the-ground travel like how to stretch your travel budget, what you need to know about VISAs, and how to stay safe while you are traveling. But Module 4 is also about making your life easier, so we’ll teach you how to find rooms abroad, show you the best travel apps and gadgets out there and explain tipping etiquette.

Everyone who joins Travel School will have access to our 40 video tutorials, supplemental course workbooks, our private Travel School Facebook Group and invitations to monthly Google Chats where your individual questions will be answered. And because all Travel School members have lifetime access, you’ll have access to all of the Travel School resources for as long as you need them.

If you want to learn more, you can click here to go to the Travel School website. The course is currently in pilot program, but it will launch on Monday, February 9, 2015. Until the program goes live, we are running an early enrollment sale: Anyone who signs up for Travel School before February 9 is eligible for a 20% discount on the enrollment fee.

If have any questions that aren’t answered by the website, please email me at We are so incredibly excited to bring this program we’ve worked so hard to create into the world and we know it is a valuable resource for those of you that want to make your travel dreams possible. We’ll see you on the road!