Meet Sam

by Kim on January 4, 2015 · 59 comments

Walking home from dinner one night Brian and I heard a tremendous bark and turned around to see, emerging from the darkness, the most ridiculous looking dog that has ever existed.

Basset Hound

Those long ears! Those tiny legs!

We stopped. I said, “Oh my God, look at that dog!” Brian said, “His ears hang to the ground. And he has such tiny legs.” The dog stared up at us with droopy dog eyes. And then he followed us home.

The dog was starving, each rib visible like exposed beams. His nails were overgrown. He was covered in ticks. He smelled like… well, I’ll save you the description. He smelled bad.

We let him inside. We gave him food and water and a bath. He stayed for a week. “It’s so nice to have a dog around,” Brian and I cooed. The dog followed at our heels everywhere we went. People stopped us on the streets.

“Is that your dog?”

“Um, well, not really. He’s just a stray. He follows us everywhere.”

Sam the basset hound

Sam the Bassett Hound at home

Sam at home

Two days before Christmas the dog disappeared and I thought, well, he’s finally ditched us. But on Christmas morning we opened the door and there he was again. That was when I knew he was ours. We bought him a collar and a leash, tick medicine and water and food bowls. Our neighbor donated a dog bed. We named him Sam because he always follows his nose.

Sam likes digging up, rolling in, and then eating dead fish. Sam loves sleeping, especially in the sun. He likes chasing pelicans on the beach and fetching coconuts. But above all else Sam likes eating. He will eat anything from anybody at any time.

Sam the basset hound at the beach

Sam on the hunt for dead fish or anything else he can eat. 

Sam is the sweetest dog. He is gentle, funny and a total ham. He makes friends everywhere he goes. The kids call him salchicha (sausage dog). Brian and I call him Skinny Sam, Sayulita’s Celebrity Salchicha (though we’re working on the skinny part) because we can’t walk down the street without people stopping to fawn over him, take photos of him and comment on his ridiculous ears. He is such a joy. It’s a blessing that Sam adopted us.

Sam the Basset Hound

Sam the Basset Hound

Of course, Brian and I have no idea what the heck we’re going to do when our lease is up in Mexico. But we do know that Sam is coming home with us. If Brian and I end up establishing a home base next (I have been having serious yurt fantasies lately) Sam will stay with us. Otherwise my sister, who lost her sweet dog Maggie about a year ago, will be Sam’s mom as long as we need her to be. No matter what Sam doesn’t have to worry about a thing anymore.

Sam the Basset Hound

Sam the Basset Hound

He’s going to be loved for life. And that’s exactly what he deserves.