5 Things to do in Cornwall

by Kim on December 11, 2014

Cornwall is a popular place to travel for people going on holiday. It has a relatively warm climate, a great coastline and beautiful scenery. It’s mining history has even been recognized as a World Heritage site and the Celtic heritage of the people make it a great place to head for those of you interested in cultural tourism.

There are many things to do in Cornwall, too many things to list in this post, but here are my top 5 things to do when you go on holiday in Cornwall.

Head to the Coast

The tiny village of Polperro is a great place to see the beautiful coastline of Cornwall. Polperro is a popular fishing harbor that still boasts old fisherman’s houses that are build close together on the hills surrounding the port. Because the village is so quaint and attractive there are many holiday homes in Polperro and Looe that are available for visitors to rent.

Visit the Isles of Scilly 

These Isles have been inhabited since the Stone Age and are a great place to visit for those interested in ancient history, especially during the summer months when the weather is especially favorable. Scilly is the mystical home of King Arthur. Legend says that the land between Scilly and Lands End was a magical kingdom ruled over by King Arthur from his castle.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cornish Mining

Did you know that Cornish mining changed the world? Minerals mined in Cornwall have shown up in products that are produced around the globe and have changed the way that we interact with our world. That’s why the Cornish mining sites have been designed at UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a visit to learn all about the history of the mines and of Cornwall.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

One of the most mysterious estates in England is home to the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Before the great war, the gardens of the Heligan Estate were a thousand acres of plants, greenery and beauty. But they fell into disrepair and were soon engulfed in bramble and ivy. They would have been lost forever if not for a passionate group of people who have restored them into a reward-winning garden. It’s a must-see for plant and nature lovers.

A Night of Entertainment

If you like the theater than an evening at the Minack Theater is an absolute must. This isn’t just any theater but a world-famous open air theater built into the rocks above the water. The Minack Theater is a stunning place to see a show and the gardens that surround the theater are also a draw to theater-goers and plant lovers alike. This theater has a unique history. It was dreamed up, financed and started by one woman, Rowena Cade, and the grounds of the theater are also dedicated to telling her unique story.