Pictures of Sayulita, Mexico

by Kim on November 24, 2014 · 63 comments

It’s hard to believe that we’re closing in on a month in Sayulita already. Our time here has slowed to an easy pace as we work from our apartment during the day and explore the streets of Sayulita after dark. It’s been nice to untether myself from my cell phone and camera and (to a lesser extent) the Internet and focus on writing. Still, I’ve managed to break away from my desk  few times. So let me show you around the neighborhood.

Sayulita apartment view

This is the view from our apartment. My desk is to the left and Brian’s desk is off to the right. Behind me is a tiny but functional kitchen. To access our bedroom we have to leave the apartment and walk about twenty feet across an outdoor patio to a stand- alone room with our bed. It’s weird but also kind of funky and fun, except for when it’s raining.

view from sayulita apartment

This is a close-up view out the window. When I need a break from writing I watch the surfers on the water.

magnet from Sayulita

My first Mexican souvenir was this tiny skull magnet. Unfortunately we’ve already knocked her off the fridge and she shattered into a dozen pieces.

Sayulita road

This is the dirt road that leads from our apartment into town. We’re a 5-minute walk from a quiet beach and a 15-minute walk to the center of town and the more popular and crowded surfing beach.

Main street Sayulita

This is the main road leading into Sayulita. There’s a farmers market on this road every Friday. The bus station is a tiny dirt lot.

Sayulita bridge

And this is the bridge that we cross over to walk into town. There are nearly as many golf carts and ATV’s on these roads as cars. The tourists rent them to get around but Brian and I go everywhere on foot. You don’t need wheels in this town, only hardy lungs to climb the hills.

Sayulita hot dog guy

The food in Sayulita is great. There are street taco stands, stand-alone restaurants, churros trucks, smoothy bars and even a couple of hot dog vendors (the hot dogs are wrapped in bacon here).

Sayulita street

This is one of a handful of roads in Sayulita lined with restaurants, bars, boutiques and coffee shops. In this town, all roads lead to the beach.

Sayulita square

The town square is the heart of the city. In the few weeks we’ve been here we’ve seen boxing matches, bands, and dance competitions on the road in front of the square. Families and friends gather with food and drink to watch the entertainment and street vendors sell snacks. Beer can be purchased in the tiendas for 12 pesos ($.89) a bottle.

Sayulita street

Another Sayulita street view. Colorful restaurants and shops line this road.

Brian in Sayulita

Brian and I are on a mission to try guacamole from every restaurant in town. Here we are on the third-floor balcony of a restaurant off of the square. The guacamole at this place was just okay but the views made up for it.

Sayulita surf beach

This is the heart of Sayulita’s surfer scene. The beach is crowded here on the south end of town but the further north you walk the more isolation you’ll find. Brian and I like to pitch our umbrella on the quiet north beach.

Sayulita Playa de los muertos

On the very south side of town is the cemetery and, just beyond it, a small beach called Playa De Los Muertos (Beach of the Dead).

Sayulita Playa de los Muertos

Playa De Los Muertos.

Sayulita cemetery

The cemetery is tucked into the jungle. At night it glows with candles.

Sayulita beach restaurant

This is our favorite beach restaurant. I don’t know the name of it. In fact, I’m not sure it even has a name. We just call it “our beach restaurant.” Guacamole rating: above average. Ocean view rating: perfect.


The ocean view from our beach restaurant.

Sayulita sunset

The sunsets here in Sayulita are my favorite thing of all. Brian and I have been putting in long hours but no matter what we’re working on we make sure to drop what we are doing and head to the beach to watch the sunset.

Sayulita sunset

The sunset puts everything in perspective.

Sayulita sunset

The sunsets here never disappoint.

Sayulita dinner

When the sun sinks we head to dinner. Our favorite restaurant in town is called Aaleyah’s. They serve the best green salsa I’ve ever had and 2-for-1 margaritas. We had our first guests pass through last week, Mike and Anne from HoneyTrek, and we took them to Aaleyah’s so that they could try the salsa.

Sayulita restaurant

Our other favorite restaurant in town is Yeikame. Their blue corn tortillas are handmade and the sopes here are out of this world. At 50 pesos each ($3.67) they’re big enough to split.

Bread truck Sayulita

Finally, no night is complete without a stop at the bread truck lady. She sells homemade bread, doughnuts, pies, muffins, macaroons, turnovers and homemade blackberry jam right from the trunk of her car. It’s all delicious.

Sayulita is a lovely little town and I feel lucky that we’ve ended up here. One of the many great things about travel is that you leave pieces of your heart in the places you go. I can tell already that Sayulita will keep a big chunk of mine.