What I’m looking forward to in Mexico

by Kim on October 28, 2014

Well, the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow we board a flight to Mexico!

After a hectic 7-month road trip around the United States where we drove more than 30,000 miles and visited 47 out of the lower 48 states there is nothing that Brian and I need more right now than a relaxing, quite beach town.

We’re headed to Sayulita, a tiny fishing village on the Pacific coast where we’ve rented an apartment. We will have a kitchen to cook our meals in, a place to unpack our bags (!!) and a view of the ocean from the desk in which I intend to finish my second book. We’re a five minute walk to a quiet beach and only 15-minutes from downtown Sayulita where we can visit restaurants, coffee shops and an organic farmers market every Friday morning.

Mexico is so close to the U.S. and yet the only time I’ve visited was as a 16 year old on a spring break trip (I got my tongue pierced in a shack in Cancun, but that’s a story for another day). I’m so thrilled to experience the culture and colors of Mexico and to spend the next five months or so brushing up on my terrible Spanish skills.

Another reason that I’m excited to head to Mexico is that, because of it’s close proximity to my home in the U.S., I expect many visitors over the next five months. I’ve traveled all around the world and one of the things I always wish is that I were able to share my travel experiences with my friends and family. Mexico will allow me to do that! With trips already planned from friends and even parents I know that we will get to enjoy the experience of sharing our travels with the people we love.

Tomorrow morning we will board a flight and by the afternoon we will be on the sunny beaches of Mexico. Because Sayulita has both sun and sand and jungle and mountains, we’ll be able to indulge not only the beach bums in us but the mountain lovers as well.

See you soon, Mexico!