A Letter From the Experimenters

by Kim on July 30, 2014 · 48 comments


Your life is an experiment. The experiment is to see what will happen if you live every moment in tune with that voice inside your soul, the voice that you dusted off and pulled out from the remains of your old life, the voice that refused to be voiceless.

This is an experiment. You can’t fuck it up so long as you are true to the voice.

You do not have to follow the rules. We already know where following the rules gets you.

You do not have to worry about money. You have money for now.

You do not have to worry about offending others. You do not have to worry about turning people off. You do not have to worry that some people will think you’ve lost your way. They are not a part of the experiment.

You do not have to worry about getting older. You do not have to worry that you should have made it by now. Let us ask you: Made it where?

Kim, you are having a hard year. You have had a little crisis of faith. You are confused. You don’t see how all of this is going to work out. You have had moments when you have considered removing yourself from the experiment. Let someone else be the guinea pig.


But hard years teach lessons. Hard years reveal things that the easy years don’t. Don’t let this hard year go to waste, Kim. Learn from it. These lessons will inform you on the other side. Hard years are an important part of the experiment.

It’s difficult, isn’t it? We know the lab feels too cold sometimes, too bright. But you cannot see the same things that we see, Kim. We know that when you look in the two-way mirror you see only your reflection. But we are right here on the other side.

Kim, your life is an experiment. The goal of the experiment is to create a medicine that will spread hope and courage for living. And even if the experiment fails it is a road that has to be walked just the same. So keep going, Kim. We are taking notes.


The Experimenters