Belgium stands for beer

by Kim on November 25, 2013 · 42 comments

Europe by train: day 10. Brussels, Belgium.

Sometime in the past day or two Brian and I both picked up colds. We probably owe it to the Paris metro system. Subways are like the adult version of pre-school from the petri dish perspective.

Still, we’re in Belgium so we couldn’t let a little congestion keep us from a full day of waffle-eating-beer-drinking-fry-consuming.

The beer here is so good. So good! And the pubs are small and cozy, all dark wood and warm colors. Brian found a Guardian article that named the best places to drink beer in Brussels. We visited A La Becasse, Al Imaige Nostre Dame, and Au Bon View Temps. We were not disappointed. These bars are smack dab in the middle of the tourist district but all three of them are hidden down little alleyways. It seems that this bit of camouflage keeps away about 99.5% of tourists. It’s like Harry Potter’s platform 9 3/4 but for beer lovers.

I drank Trappist beers most of the day. My favorite was Chimay. Brian drank the Lambix Doux and the Kasteel Red. We both liked the Trappist Rochefort. Brian lost his mind over the Cossendonk Christmas Ale. To be fair we rarely meet a beer we don’t like.

After our pub crawl we walked into the Grote Markt, Brussel’s main square, to ogle over the Grand Palace and the Town Hall in their lit up glory. After that we headed over to the Manneken Pis, that little peeing boy statue that’s famous because…?

It was the sort of day that beer fanatics dream about. Tomorrow we plan to do more of the same.

Belgian waffles

A La Becasse Belgium

A La Becasse Belgium

Chimay beer Belgium

Al Imaige Nostre Dame


Alley leading to Au Bon View Temps


Au Bon View Temps


Brian with Frappist Rochefort beer


Grote Markt at night


Manneken Pis


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