Announcing our great European train adventure that starts… today!

by Kim on November 15, 2013 · 63 comments

It’s been a year and a half since Brian and I set out on this crazy adventure to explore the world but I’m sometimes still caught off-guard at how unexpected and spontaneous life is these days.

Case in point: When we originally sat down to route our way around the world Europe wasn’t even on our radar (for the record, most of our original plans never came to fruition). But this summer Brian unexpectedly surprised me with a one-way ticket to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago. Three weeks later I found myself in Europe. Six weeks after that Brian was here too.

So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that life has taken another exciting turn. I’m thrilled to announce that Brian and I will be working with and have in hand two Eurail global passes that will allow us to ride the trains through 24 European countries over the next month.

Planning our trip with

Planning our trip and flashing our train tickets

The first stop on our train tour will be to Toulouse, France to visit my Rickshaw Run teammate Hannah at her 12-bedroom French Chateau mansion housesit (seriously). Then we’re headed to Paris, Brian’s favorite city, to revel in the museums and cafés of Europe’s most romantic city.

Next it’s on to Belgium (Brussels and Bruges) to drink beer, The Netherlands (Amsterdam and Utrecht) to ride bikes, Germany (Berlin) to visit friends, Czech Republic (Prague) to explore the most beautiful city in the world and Hungary (Budapest) because everyone tells us not to miss Budapest. Time and money don’t allow us to go everywhere, but if you’ve been to any of these cities we’d love to hear your suggestions of things to do and inexpensive places to sleep. What can’t we miss?

From Budapest we’ll hop a plane to Ho Chi Minh City to begin our much-anticipated and ill-prepared-for three-week bicycle trip through Vietnam. (Side note: Just yesterday Brian read aloud from our bike tour paperwork, “Participants should be experienced cyclists who enjoy spending much of the day on their bikes. A regular conditioning program beginning at least three months prior to departure is strongly recommended.”  For the record I rode the exercise bike in the hotel gym yesterday for thirty minutes and today my butt is sore. We are in trouble.)

Because I so enjoyed the process of writing each day on the Camino I thought I’d give it a shot again with this train tour. As long as time and Internet access allow I aim to bring you a snippet of life each day as we ride the rails, visit new cities, and explore the history and beauty of Europe.

Our European train tour starts today! In addition to the blog, I’ll be posting photos and updates on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you to for making this adventure possible!


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