Essential clothing on the Camino

by Kim on October 10, 2013

Walking the Camino de Santiago has given me a lot of time to think. And one of the things that I think about the most is travel gear. When you are walking with everything on your back it is important to pack only what you need and nothing else. This is easier said than done of course.


I have already written a Camino de Santiago packing list so I won’t go into detail about every piece of gear in my bag. But I do want to mention the sort of clothing I am carrying because this has turned out to be essential.

I am walking the Camino in the fall and that means that there is always the chance for any sort of weather. To prepare for this I packed one tank top (for the warm weather afternoons), one short sleeve shirt, and one long sleeve shirt. I can layer these shirts for warmth if needed. I also have a raincoat. I prefer the north face outdoor style type of coat. I can also use this for added warmth and, of course, when the rain starts to fall.

I am also carrying two pairs of pants. One pair I walk in and one pair I keep to change in to at the end of the day. The walking pants zip off into shorts. This is also helpful as they work well for me in both hot and cold weather.

Likewise, I carry two sports bras and a few pairs of underwear and socks. I put the socks over my hands as gloves when the mornings are cold. I also carry a scarf. This can be used to keep me warm, to block the sun, or to put over the dirty pillow cases in the albergues!

The key to carrying the right clothing is to carry items that can be used for more than one purpose. You don’t want to carry anything more than what you need!