Camino day 20 Leon to Villavante

by Kim on October 10, 2013 · 23 comments

I slept in this morning because that is what you do when you have your very own room.

I left Leon in high spirits and they’ve stayed high all day long. I’m glad that I’ve learned to listen to what I need. If I want time alone, take it. It’s so simple. Yet how many times in the past have I neglected my own desires in order to satisfy others?

The walk away from Leon was as industrial and unattractive as the walk in. But just outside of Leon the trail split in two. I decided to take the longer, scenic route that winds its way through brush land and cornfields. The weather was just beautiful. I walked along alone, happily.

I can’t believe that I am closer to Santiago than I am to where I started in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port. I don’t want this to end! I keep wondering if it’s possible to walk around the world. Has anyone done it? Is there some common route?

I walked and walked. No music in my ears. No real thoughts in my head. I just crunched along to the rhythm of my footsteps and the rise and fall of my breath.

I ate a Mars Bar for lunch and thought about the Whole Bowl, a food cart back in Portland. The things I would have given to have the Whole Bowl magically parked up ahead on the side of the empty road. “Oh, the Whole Bowl,” I said aloud to the cornfields. Then I looked at my Mars Bar disappointingly and shoved the rest of it in my mouth. For the record, Mars Bars are not good. Australians will try to tell you that they are better than the Snickers Bar, but that’s a lie.

I walked the last six miles of the Meseta this afternoon. Soon the path will become rolling and green as I make my way towards the Cantabrian Mountains. I love the mountains so it will be a welcomed change of scenery.

Today I walked 19.32 miles (31.1 km).

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