Camino day 28 Barbadelo to Gonzar

by Kim on October 19, 2013 · 13 comments

The sunrise today was stunning. I feel so lucky to have watched the sunrise every day for four weeks now. It’s always a beautiful show.

The morning smelled of rain. I couldn’t tell if it was coming or going, the grass was wet when I awoke, but I supposed it didn’t matter. I would walk no matter.

There are so many new people on the trail now that I am nearing Santiago. I can tell that they are new because their clothes are clean, their shoes are clean, their bags are clean, and they all complain of blisters. I can only imagine how I must smell as I pass them.

The walk today was through green fields and farmland. I loved it. I decide that if I am ever rich I would like to give grants to people to go on long walks, perhaps for one or two months. I’d pay for their expenses and their time away from work. In return they would have to promise only to walk and think their way through whatever comes up.

It’s amazing what comes up: buried memories, embarrassments, funny moments and sad ones. It’s almost like, with the brain free of its normal routine, it’s allowed to open the windows, clean out the closets and dust the rafters. Mental spring-cleaning. I think walking allows one to focus on the things that are important but not urgent. This is something that we do not often get to do in modern life.

Today I passed a concrete marker indicating that there are only 100 kilometers left to Santiago. I’m surprised to find myself excited about this countdown. It feels like the final miles of a marathon. There is anticipation in the air and a growing internal satisfaction of perseverance. It feels good to set out to do something and do it.

The day was beautiful but around 2 p.m. it was clear that the rains were rolling in. I thought about stopping to avoid the inevitable soaking but I was enjoying myself too much. So I walked on and I got wet. I don’t care anymore. I can let the rain bother me or I can enjoy it. Today I chose to enjoy it.

Still, I stopped a few kilometers short of my planned destination. I hoped to avoid wet shoes and I have. Now, I am sitting in an albergue in a tiny village with a population of 42 people. There is no WIFI so I will have to wait to post this update.

My Dutch friends, who I am drinking beer with, tell me that tomorrow it will rain all day.

Today I walked 16 miles (25.7 km).

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