My book is here! Life On Fire: A Step-By-Step Guide To Living Your Dreams

by Kim on September 9, 2013 · 42 comments

I am incredibly excited to announce that my book Life On Fire: A Step-By-Step Guide To Living Your Dreams is officially here!

Life On Fire ebook coverThe themes in Life On Fire have been swirling around my mind for the past few years. I wrote the bones of the book, the overarching ideas and exercises, in a whirlwind of creativity during 14-hour days typing furiously at my computer from a thatched-roof cabana on the isolated island of Gili Meno, Indonesia. There are worse places to work.

I fleshed the book out, edited, and re-edited it from the much less exotic local of my in-laws basement in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was not an easy process. But through it all I focused on the higher purpose: To create something that will benefit others and help people live the biggest possible version of their lives. I honestly believe that if we all do the thing we are born to do, no matter what that is, that the world will be a better place. I wrote this book in order to share the process of how you can identify and work towards the things you were born to do.

Dreams, I’ve come to understand, are manifestations of your soul’s desires that point you towards the things that will make your life bigger and fuller.

I wrote this book to help you live your dreams.


In order for you to find this book useful, your dream doesn’t have to be a drastic thing. You don’t have to want to quit your job, sell everything, and travel the world like I did. This book will help you achieve anything that you dream of doing. You might dream of building your own house, one with lots of light and your own painting studio. You might dream of getting in shape, taking your family on vacation, or changing careers. I wrote this book to inspire you to live your biggest dreams and teach you how to do it.

I wrote this book because I want you to know what to expect on the path to your dreams. I want you to know that the fear, the resistance, the people who try to talk you out of it, all of it is normal. I want you to know that being afraid doesn’t mean that you should’t do it. I want you to know that the process is scary but the rewards are worth it.

Life On Fire: A Step-By-Step Guide To Living Your Dreams was written for you. And today it finally exists in the world and I feel like simultaneously vomiting and celebrating. But you know what? That’s sort of the way it goes when you’re doing the thing that matters the most to you.

You can learn more about the book, and see a chapter-by-chapter summary, here.

And, of course, you can buy the book for $8.99 on Amazon.

A note about the book: Currently, it is only available in e-book format on Amazon. If you do not own an e-reader you can download the Kindle for PC app for free (this will also lead you to the Mac version). This app will enable you to read the book on your computer or tablet.

Thank you everyone. I hope you enjoy the book!