My Camino de Santiago packing list

by Kim on September 19, 2013 · 52 comments

Hello from Pamplona. I had three very uneventful flights (those are my favorite) and have arrived in Spain tired but excited. Tomorrow I catch the bus to St. Jean Pied-de-Port, France where I will pick up my passport and officially become a pilgrim.

A few of you have asked, so I wanted to share my Camino de Santiago packing list.

My pack is light! I’ve got all the essential and (hopefully) not much else.

Camino pack


Osprey Exos 48-liter Backpack


Silk sleep sack

Sleeping bag

Shoes and clothing

KEEN waterproof hiking shoes. I love these shoes. I’ve walked with them through the Himalayas and the Andes as well.

1 pair of flip flops

3 pairs of socks

2 sports bras

1 pair gloves

5 pairs of ExOfficio underwear. (I’ve carried these all over the world. They are the best and last forever).

2 pairs of hiking pants, one of which converts to shorts

1 tank top for walking

1 short sleeve shirt for walking

1 long sleeve shirt for walking

Rain coat

Jeans (normally I wouldn’t carry these but since I’m going to be traveling after the Camino I want my jeans).

1 short sleeve shirt to change into at end of day

1 long sleeve shirt to change into at end of day

1 fleece pant to sleep in



Ipod and iPod/ iPhone charger

iPhone (will get Spanish SIM card)

Kindle e-reader and charger

11″ MacBook Air and charger (I know, I know but I’m blogging the whole way).

Olympus PEN E-P1 camera and charger

Plug converter


A Village to Village Guide to Hiking the Camino de Santiago, Camino Francés: St. Jean – Santiago – Finisterre


Passport/ debit card/ credit card

A few relics from home including St. Joseph who sold our house (I promised I’d return him to the motherland. Now is the time!), my traveling Buddha statue, a necklace from a friend, my dog’s collar tag, and about 400 rocks that my mom asked me to take and place along the path for her.

Journal and 6 (!) pens

Small notebook that fits in my pocket

Large trash bag to use as a rain cover for my backpack

2 packing cubes to keep everything organized

Small backpack that I can use to carry valuables around in the evenings


Lock (for my pack)

2 S-clips (I carry these everywhere. Perfect for hooking things to your pack to dry)

Handkerchief that I use as a sweat rag

Eye mask



Small bottles shampoo and conditioner



Contacts and contact solution


Toothbrush and toothpaste

Meds and first aid

Safety pins (for popping blisters)


Duck tape (instead of bandaids — works so much better)


Laxatives (Um. Hello. Hi. How are you? You know, sometimes my belly doesn’t travel well)

Tampons (just in case the laxatives weren’t enough for you)

Things I’ll buy in St. Jean Pied-de-Port

Walking stick

Wide brim hat if necessary

That’s it! My pack probably weights about 15 pounds and was small enough to carry on my flights.



Do you have questions about the Camino? I wrote an FAQ guide about walking the Camino. Learn all about it here or click the image below to buy it ($1.99):



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