Dear life 11

by Kim on August 19, 2013 · 8 comments

Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A.
August 19, 2013
1:10 p.m.

Dear life,

Thank you for moisturizing cream and polished toes. Thank you for little luxuries.

Thank you for tap water and hot baths and good books and honeybees.

Thank you for my legs and lungs which took me on a 10-mile run yesterday. Thank you for the humbling reminder that everything, even the things that feel second-nature, must be maintained.

Thank you for my mom and my dad and my sister Jessi who I have had the luxury of seeing so much this summer. It will be hard to leave them.

Thank you for my beautiful sister Amanda who you will be flying home next month. I miss her.

Thank you for my college girlfriends who I still email with five days a week and who help guide me through all of life’s big and small obstacles. Thank you for my oldest friend Jenny, whom I have known for twenty years, and just had a birthday yesterday (happy birthday Jenny!) Blessed are those who have friends that stick around.

college friends

Life, thank you for my unending list of blessings.




San Diego, CA, U.S.A.
June 17, 2013
11:28, just after reading Wendy and Kim’s notes to life

Dear Life,

Thank you for the articles I just read on stress, development, and health…on baseball cards and a wounded warrior’s recovery. For reminding me that my daily work does not only lie in measurable short term effects, but it is part of growth and change I may never see. Please, continue to remind me of this when I “fail” daily.

Thank you for ocean swims after coastal runs, lake swims after long hikes.

Thank you for swing dancing. ‘Cause it’s tough not to smile when you’re dancing. Oh, how you learn to make mistakes and laugh.

Thank you for not relenting until I moved home to San Diego, to care for my dad in his most vulnerable times and to be with my mom in hers. I needed to be able bathe him in his last days–how beautiful a reconciliation and true act of love.


Thank you for perspective that time affords me. Reminders to act and engage now, not later.




Amanda S.
Portland, OR {Standing at my desk}
1:55 p.m.

Dear Life,

Thank you for the simplicity of ocean waves and sand and friends being the only people for miles in any direction. Thank you for exhilarating runs on the beach and for bacon grilled over a fire. Thank you for the peace of turning my phone completely off and not knowing or caring what time it happens to be.




So Many Places Readers, I have published this Dear Life series for 11 weeks now and next week will be the last Dear Life post for awhile. I have been continuously humbled and awed by your letters of gratitude. Thank you for sharing them with me and with the world.