Flying on business: how to keep the stress at bay

by Kim on July 24, 2013

Anyone in business with travel being a pre-requisite of the job will know that it can get a little tiresome and stressful sometimes. Having to say goodbye to your family for days and weeks at a time will always leave you with a heavy heart, especially when you have children who you’ll miss terribly.

Whether you have to travel within the UK or you jetset across the world on business class flights to Hong Kong, the fundamentals to help keep stress at bay are the same. If you’re going to make business travel a success without feeling like crying every time you go, you need to accept that this is part of your job and make the most of the career experience.

If you don’t travel on business, it’s easy to feel a little envious about those that do. Flying to the USA, Dubai and other far-out corners of the world should be considered an adventure, right? Fulfill the work commitments and attend the conferences and then explore the city you’re visiting. Unfortunately, it’s not always that glamorous and business travel, if done regularly, can really take its toll if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can try and keep stress-free so that your stint abroad goes by without a hitch.

  • Always keep a bag packed for your business trips. Rather than unpacking everything when you return home, keep the essentials in a carry-on case, ready for your next trip. Toiletries, underwear, your passport and even a spare phone charger can help to relieve the stress of trying to find everything the morning of your flight. When your next trip comes around, just add your clothes and off you go!
  • Stick to your routine to try and limit jet lag. We all know how debilitating jet lag can be and it’s certainly not easy when you have work to attend to. By sticking to your usual routine, regardless of the time zone, you should be able to deal with it easier.
  • Continue to eat healthily and avoid the easy fast food route. Pack some snack bars rather than pigging out on burgers and make an effort to sample the local cuisine when work is done and dusted.
  • Take some time for you! Whether it’s relaxing in a bubble bath or taking an afternoon to explore the sights, if you have the spare time, use it to your advantage and make the most of your business trip.

While you’ll inevitably miss the people you’re leaving behind, a business trip shouldn’t be seen as a curse. They’re helping to build a career and create a better life for yourself and when you return home, you’ll be welcomed back with open arms – definitely something to look forward to.