Dear life 4

by Kim on July 1, 2013 · 6 comments

Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
June 29, 2013
7:15 p.m.

Dear Life,

Thank you for this oak tree that I am sitting under, for sunshine and shadows and shade.

Thank you for the gnarled trunks of these rhododendrons, for the sound of laughing strangers in this park.

Thank you for my husband who sits on a tree stump 100-yards away, giving me this quiet space. Thank you for kindness and patience. Thank you that these qualities live inside the man I’m lucky enough to spend my life with.

Thank you for stress because it teaches me to seek my center.

Thank you for unexpected lessons in trial, for that moment when purpose is revealed. Oh, so that’s why it happened. Thank you for knowing more than I do.

Thank you for growth. Thank you for the bitter-sweetness of outgrowing.

Thank you for my life. Have I ever thanked you for that before? Thank you for every day I have been given and for every day I might still have before me. Even in its hardness life is beautiful.




Tracy P.
Kansas City Airport, U.S.A.
June 13, 2013
2:44 p.m.

Dear Life,

Thank you for surprises.

Thank you for sunny days on my bike and delicious Thai food.

Thank you for first tries, second tries, third tries, and fourth tries… no matter what the outcome is.


Thank you for never running out of things for me to learn.

Thank you for not always making things easy, but still knowing when I’ve had enough.

Thank you for the cycle of love and loss.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for letting people change while still remaining the same.

Thank you for inspiration and patience.

Thank you for what is yet to come.




Mohammed A.
Jumeria, Dubai
June 12, 2013
6:00 p.m.

Dear life,

Thank you for the cool misty breeze.

Thank you for this beautiful sunset.

Thank you for that wind carrying the waves onto shore (I am sure those kite surfers are very thankful for it too).

Moe pic

Thank you for allowing me to feel and appreciate this moment.

Thank you for that 500ml bottle of water.

Earlier today I saw a peacock, so randomly, so unexpected it made me smile all the way to the office. Thank you for that surprise and thank you for reminding me of it.

Thank you for the air I am breathing, the smell of the sea and the cool sand under my hands.

Thank you for the changing room and saving my only pair of jeans.

Thank you for bringing me here.

And I know I shouldn’t say this, but deep inside I am also thankful for that sugary and buttery bread I can still feel in my belly.

Love always. No matter what.

Mohammad (aka Moe)


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