And then we were spoiled at the Viceroy Bali

by Kim on June 16, 2013 · 51 comments

Guess what? Brian and I went to Bali!

But we did not just go to Bali. Nope. We went to the most luxurious, beautiful, feel-like-I-have-died-and-been-reincarnated-as-a-celebrity hotel that I have ever been to in my life, the Viceroy Bali in Ubud.

Here’s a sad fact: long-term travel is not romantic. Sure, Brian and I have romantic moments every once in awhile. Like that one time when we went to a nice dinner and showered beforehand. But the reality of our situation as a traveling couple is that we spend 24-hours a day together. We know way too much about each other’s bathroom habits and personal hygiene flaws. And all this togetherness doesn’t lend itself to romance. Some things you just don’t want to know about a person, no matter how much you love them.

So to say that Brian and I were excited to spend a few days at the Viceroy Bali, the most romantic hotel that I have ever laid eyes on, is like saying that we’ve spent the past five months in India and Nepal with just a little bit of dirt on us.

We arrived at the Viceroy Bali in the early afternoon and were immediately handed fresh mint tea. A lovely, smiling woman placed flowers around our necks and a lovely, smiling man handed each of us a cold towel. This was when I knew we’d entered some kind of bizarre twilight zone where everything happens in the exact opposite way of the way it normally does.

After checking in we were shown to our room. Actually, let me be more precise: We were shown to our own private villa.


The villa was unbelievable. There was a desk (a desk!), a couch (a couch!), and a giant, king-sized bed with crisp white sheets (!!!!!).

And from there it only got better.

There was an ice bucket with actual ice inside of it. There was a bathtub built for two. There were fresh flowers sprinkled on top of oversized, fluffy towels. And, there was a private patio with our own private infinity pool.



Oh my God!” I said to Brian as I walked around the room petting the furniture, “I think I could get used to this.”

How will we go back to normal life?”

I shook my head without an answer. “Let’s not think about that now.”

So we didn’t. Instead, we changed into our swimsuits and jumped into the infinity pool. But then we rethought our plan, because who needs swimsuits?


The following day,

We slept in late and then made our way up to the CasCades restaurant. We lounged about, admiring the view of palm trees and rice paddies spread out like quilts in the Valley of the Kings. We drank coffee and fresh juice and indulging in a four-course gourmet breakfast.


In mid-afternoon we made our way to the Lembah Spa where we’d booked a couples spa package.

Brian and I sat in our white robes, drinking fresh tea and taking in the beautiful views of the Petanu River gorge from the open-air reception. This was Brian’s first professional massage and he peppered me with questions, unsure of the etiquette or what to expect.

Just lay there and enjoy it,” I told him.


And he did.

Our spa treatment was absolute bliss. After an hour-long massage and body scrub we were left to soak in a warm tub full of flower petals. After our soak, we indulged in the spa’s open-air Jacuzzi and plunge pool.

Later, after watching the sunset from our private villa (oh, have I already mentioned we had a private villa?), we made our way back to the restaurant for our last big treat, a romantic candlelight dinner. We perused the wine list as our waiter told us about the eight-course meal being prepared especially for us.

Oh, how we dined. We ate vegetable rillettes, mushroom veloute, zucchini blossom, Asian ratatouille, and fresh baked bread. For desert we split a chocolate parfait and coconut cake served with fresh mangos. We were giddy on delicious food and wine and each other. Turns out that after a year of constant together-ness we’ve still got a romantic bone or two in our bodies. Dessert always helps me remember this, as does wine.

Kim and Brian viceroy

Despite our attempts to find a way to stay “just one more day,” after breakfast the following morning it was time for us to go. We hadn’t had such a romantic getaway since our honeymoon almost six years earlier and were more than a little sad to leave. Still, we walked out the door with smiles on our faces. We might have even held hands.

For rates and other information visit the Viceroy Bali website.

Thank you to the Viceroy Bali who hosted our stay at their amazing resort. As always, views expressed here are my own.

Photos (except the last one) provided by the Viceroy Bali.