My morning run on Gili Meno, Indonesia

by Kim on June 20, 2013 · 58 comments

The last time I had a morning running route was in Palolem, India. Nepal wasn’t an easy place to run (though I did succeed a few times in Pokhara) and Bali was crowded and chaotic. But Brian and I have retreated to the tiny Indonesian island of Gili Meno and it is a wonderful place to run.

Here on Gili Meno, one can walk around the island in about 90 minutes and run around it in half that. There are no cars, no motorcycles, no motorized vehicles of any kind. Just crushed coral and dirt paths and a few horse-drawn carts here and there. There are thatched-roof bungalows, tiny sea side restaurants and a lone sun worshiper here and there. This place is the definition of relaxation and (aside from the touts selling sunglasses and beaded bracelets) there isn’t a distraction in the world. I know that Gili Meno is an island we will visit again. We’ve already fallen in love.

Want to check out the island? Why don’t you come along on my morning run with me?

Here we go…

Gili Meno run 1

I start off down the sandy path that runs around the west side of the island.

Gili Meno run 2

Past A-framed huts and little wooden shacks decorated with shells and coral,

Gili Meno run juice

and past juice shops overlooking the water.

Gili Meno Run 4

I round a corner and find this old boat. I stop for a moment to take in the mountains of Lombok Island.

Gili Meno Run 5

And then I’m off again, running down the beach alongside turquoise water and white, foamy waves.

Gili Meno Run 6

A run in the sand is usually indicative of a good day.

Gili Meno Run 7

Still, I leave the sand in favor of this stone pathway which I share with pedestrians and horse-drawn carts.

Gili Meno run path

But the pavement doesn’t last long. Soon I’m headed down a sandy  pathway that bends around an uninhabited piece of the island.

Gili Meno flower

I run past beautiful flowers like this one,

Gili Meno Run 10

and this one,

Gili Meno Run 11

and this one.

Gili Meno run biker gang

Suddenly I’m stopped by Gili Meno’s vicious biker gang. Luckily, they let me pass with only a high-five.

Gili Meno Run 13

And then it’s just me and the goats again.

Gili Meno tumbler flowers

And these strange plants that blow like tumbleweeds down the beaches.

Gili Meno flip flop

And every so often an old, abandoned flip-flop.

Gili Meno road

Before I know it I am back on the path that takes me home.

Gili Meno Run 17

Where I find this guy, who’s exactly where I left him.

Gili Meno Run 18

Ten minutes later I have changed into my swimsuit and I’m sipping lemon soda.

A pretty good start to the day.

Thanks for coming on my morning run with me.