5 UK holiday ideas

by Kim on June 20, 2013

Going abroad for a summer holiday is a surprisingly contemporary idea. For decades before the popularisation of air travel, people used to go on trips in their native countries. America still does this today and people argue that it’s because the country is so vast, but we think that the UK has just as much to see and do as any other country. Here are some great holiday ideas that will inspire you to explore somewhere a lot closer to home.

Activity holidays

If you’re bored of the run of the mill sunny beach holiday, why not seek out adventure? There are so many places all over the UK for different opportunities where adventure sports are concerned and better still there are loads of different adventure sports to have a go at. Sailing, kayaking, rock climbing, potholing, abseiling and so much more. If you’re going to try any of these out, please make sure to consult someone that has been trained and is accredited.

Walking holidays

Some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes simply have to be seen on foot. What better way to do this than to go on a walking or hiking holiday? There are many locations that beg to be seen whether they be at the top of a mountain or along a gentle country path. As well as a great bit of exercise it’s the perfect opportunity to explore beautiful places that you might not have seen otherwise were you to have travelled further afield.

Cycling holidays

As with walking holidays, much of the UK is more accessible by bike than by car. If you’re not sure where to go, there are some excellent cycling ideas as well as ideas for other things to do in the UK on the Visit Wales site that might inspire you to enjoy Great Britain. Cycling is also a great family activity and whether you’re planning a short weekend away or a longer trip, getting a bike rack and bringing the cycles along might be a new way to enjoy a holiday in the UK.

Camping holidays

Camping has long been a great British outdoor activity and remains a family favourite to this day. The excitement of packing up all the equipment coupled with the knowledge that you’ll be experiencing the most glorious aspects of the British countryside is enough to prompt anyone to get involved. The fun of being at one with nature and escaping the rat race of the city is one of the most refreshing experiences one can have. There are many campsites up and down the UK that charge for you to stay as well as going off the beaten track and pitching your tent for free. It’s worth doing some research into wherever it is that you’re going and making sure you know of all the suitable places for camping – You certainly don’t want to be stranded!