5 best cruises for history and culture lovers

by Kim on June 19, 2013

Cruising is a great way to see the world, and there are so many destination options for travellers of all tastes. If history and culture is more your flavour, then consider a cruise to one or more of these history hotspots.

Côte D’Azur

A cruise to the Côte D’Azur is perfect for lovers of history and culture, especially those interested in art. This picturesque coastal region is amongst France’s most influential when it comes to visual art. Artists from all throughout history, from the obscure to the biggest names in Europe and indeed in history, have been inspired by the coastline and the seaside towns and hubs that draw travellers here year-round. From the galleries at Nice to the film culture in Cannes, the historic perfumeries of Grasse and the deepest port in the Mediterranean, Villefranche-sure-Mer, museums and galleries abound to satisfy all tastes.

Sydney Harbour

For history buffs drawn to Australiana or remnants of our colonial past, the Sydney harbour is a hotbed of artefacts and landmarks left standing by the first Australian settlers and built by the convicts who were first brought to Australia’s foreign and untouched shores. There are lots of historical tours around the harbour and the city and many heritage buildings to seek out.

It’s also an ideal location for travellers seeking to experience a taste of Australia’s art and music scenes, with the Sydney opera house and many smaller music venues hosting national and international acts from opera to rock concerts, and a range of both national and independent art galleries displaying the best of the country’s most unique artworks. The harbour often hosts cruise ships from all across the globe.

princess dawn

New York

History and culture lovers who cruise into the Big Apple often never want to leave. There’s so much to do, explore and experience in New York that a short stint here is simply not enough. There are galleries all throughout the city housing some of the most famous artworks in history and some of the newest modern of today. There’s Broadway where theatrical pieces from every era are in constant circulation. Then there’s the American Museum of Natural History, the world’s largest and most impressive collection of artefacts from prehistory to modern times and everything in between. And that’s just scraping the tip of the iceberg in this history and culture-lovers’ playground.


For a true taste of Europe’s history and culture, Vienna is the ultimate port of call. It’s a nest of relics from Europe’s most glorious points in history. Take a gondola ride through its flooded streets and take in the imperial architecture and old-world charm. Visit the many museums and art galleries that display works and artefacts from some of history’s most noted people and events. Experience the classical music for which Vienna still remains famous, or take a tour of all the historical buildings and landmarks.


Belgium’s city of Bruges is known worldwide for its melancholic beauty and the delicious mussels drawn to shore from its grey ocean waters. It’s lush with European history, particularly relics and reminders from the second world war. There are many museums and monuments for history-loving visitors to explore. Walk the cobbled streets to art galleries displaying some of Belgium’s most treasured artworks. Belgium is also famous for its lace, and in Bruges you can often still find lace makers creating their fine textiles by hand.

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Written by Kim Blair