Stress-Free: How to Control Your Travel Cost

by Kim on May 23, 2013

Whether you’re going on a week long holiday or a three month adventure, the average traveller’s money worries do not simply stop once the flight has been booked. With poor exchange rates and increased living costs – not to mention the surplus of exciting adventures to pay out for along the way – it can be incredibly difficult to keep control of your money whilst abroad.

However, instead of letting the stresses of keeping to a budget stop you from enjoying yourself, why not think about a few ways you can incorporate fun into your money saving routine instead? From the smallest savings to the biggest discounts, there’s nothing quite like a bargain to brighten the horizon! Here are our top tips for making saving abroad a breeze!

Ask for perks

From upgrades on flights and hotel rooms to money off meals and shopping, one of the best and easiest ways to save money is simply by asking! What’s the worst that could happen, somebody says no? By demonstrating a little bravado you could end up getting a real bargain deal, and it doesn’t have to stop at straight forward discounts either; think about what you could get on top. If for instance you are travelling with young people, inquire about free food or fares for kids, or if you’re booking a flight or ferry, barter for perks! Large companies like P&O Ferries often promote specific deals like this already; you can get £20 to spend on board with one of their current vouchers.

Have a treat fund

If you’re the one who always says no to spontaneous ice creams or beach front souvenirs, you could end up feeling like a real stick in the mud. But although avoiding unnecessary spending is a sensible idea, there’s no fun in being completely frugal – you are meant to be enjoying yourself after all! Instead, set aside a little money each week to be used specifically for those extra emergency treats. Don’t actively try to spend it, but if a particularly delicious dessert comes calling your name, you won’t have to feel guilty about giving into temptation.

Swap, don’t sacrifice

A similar tip to the treat fund, but instead of cutting out some luxuries completely: simply downgrade. For example, instead of buying coffee or tea from a large chain, buy a cup from a fast food restaurant – you might be surprised at how cheap and perfectly drinkable this type of coffee is. Similarly, instead of steering clear of alcohol entirely, search for restaurants where you can bring your own booze – that way you can pick up a much cheaper bottle of wine in a supermarket and still enjoy a decent drink with your meal.

Organise an experience

If you know you’re going to have to stick to a tight budget abroad, you might not be able to visit every attraction or partake in every adventure activity you’d like to. But instead of sacrificing big experiences completely, book a day out in advance. With the rising popularity of websites like Groupon you could easily find a discounted offer – depending on whether or not you’re a fan of spas, with their current discount for 15% off all orders you could incorporate a relaxing day at SpaBreaks into your trip.

Saving money abroad doesn’t have to mean a shed load of stress – with a bit of savvy you can easily keep control of your budget. Who knows, you could even end up lowering costs and increasing your enjoyment levels at the same time!