A break for the mountains

by Kim on May 4, 2013 · 31 comments

Our 8-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp only served to whet our appetites for the beautiful, snow-capped mountains of Nepal. Brian and I are headed out again, this time for up to a month as we slowly navigate the Annapurna Circuit. We’ve got plans to explore lakes, mountains, temples and tiny villages as well as spend long, lazy afternoons at the tea houses in our pajamas reading books we’ve picked up about the region: Seven Years in Tibet, The Gurkhas, Tigers of the Snow, Annapurna: The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak and The Snow Leopard. Sounds pretty wonderful, no?

Annapurna Base Camp

Step 1: Escape to the mountains

Tea house down time

Step 2: Curl up in tea houses with fleece pants, knit booties and books

We won’t have internet access of course. And while I constantly have my notebook and pen beside me, jotting down notes and ideas and memorable encounters, I’ve recently failed to produce enough blog content in advance to stick to my sorta-schedule of posting every Wednesday and Sunday while I’m gone. But the mountains have called and it has been a good lesson for me to go to them, to let go of all of the self-imposed things I think I should! be! doing!, to flip over my to-do list and close the computer and forget the emails for awhile.

Still. I’ve prepared a few things for the coming weeks of my absence. Not things that I’ve written but things that I love. Quotes, links, blogs, advice columns, and TED Talks. The stuff that I turn to for inspiration when I feel stuck or need a pick-me-up. Many of them relate to the themes in my life right now: writing and working. Also, there’s lots of poetry because, damn, I love poems. Poetry is life boiled down to its essence; the perfect words and nothing extra.

So for the next few weeks you’ll be seeing some posts of my favorite things and I will see you all again in late May or early June when I emerge from the mountains.

During the upcoming month I may periodically post photos and short trekking updates to the So Many Places Facebook page. Make sure to “like” the page if you’re interested in following along.