Kathmandu in pictures

by Kim on April 7, 2013 · 54 comments

Kathmandu Thamel neighborhoodThe crowded streets of Kathmandu’s Thamel neighborhood.

Kathmandu bike rickshawsBicycle rickshaw drivers take a break from business.

Kathmandu monkey templeA monkey sits along the stairs leading to Kathmandu’s Swayambhunath, also known as the Monkey Temple.

Prayer wheels KathmanduSpinning prayer wheels at the Monkey Temple.

Fun at the Kathmandu monkey templeBoys play while their parents sell handicrafts to tourists.

Kathmandu dogA dog sleeps beneath a temple that dates back to 640 CE.

World Peace Fountain Kathmandu Money TempleNepali visitors throw coins into the World Peace Pond for good luck.

Kathmandu prayer flags monkey templePrayer flags and blue skies (a rarity!) at the Monkey Temple.

Kathmandu streets near Dubar SquareThe crowded streets near Kathmandu’s Durbar Square.

Monk walks near temple Kathmandu

A monk walks along the courtyard of one of Kathmandu’s many hidden temples.

Crowded streets near Kathmandu's Durbar SquareMotorcycles, rickshaws and pedestrians weave through Kathmandu’s streets.

Durban Square KathmanduA child plays in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square which dates back to the 1500’s.

Women in colorful saris carry goods in Kathmandu

Women in colorful saris carry heavy loads near Durbar Square.

Masks and handicrafts for sale KathmanduMasks and tourist crafts for sale.

Electric work Kathmandu

Work on the electric lines. Electricity cuts are frequent in Kathmandu.

Street food sellers KathmanduTwo men chat in front of a food stall.

Maze of streets off Kathmandu's Durbar SquareA child plays in front of her home in Kathmandu.

Street food shop KathmanduA family street food shop nestled in the winding maze of Kathmandu’s alleys.

Lunch in KathmanduFried bread serves as lunch.

Kathmandu recycle centerA community recycling center in Kathmandu. Garbage management is better in Nepal than in India.

Dusty streets KathmanduThe dusty streets of Kathmandu. Many people wear masks to protect their lungs.

Hazy over KathmanduThe pollution makes for hazy days in Kathmandu.

Goat tied up KathmanduA goat stands waiting, tied to a post in Kathmandu’s Patan neighborhood.

Quiet streets of Kathmandu's Patan neighborhoodThe quiet streets of Kathmandu’s Patan neighborhood.

Sun sets over Bagmati River KathmanduThe sun sets through the haze behind Kathmandu’s polluted Bagmati River.