My morning run in Palolem, India

by Kim on March 4, 2013 · 53 comments

One thing I miss about my “old” life is having a regular fitness routine. In Portland, I played soccer and biked to work and ran almost every day. I went hiking on the weekends. I really love to move and I need to do it too. It’s as good for my mental health as it is for me physically.

I hear stories of people that go traveling and come back thirty pounds lighter and blah, blah, blah. Well, that’s not me. I’ve put on a lot of weight since I started traveling. For one thing, it’s been hard for me to exercise on a regular basis. Running in many of the South American cities we visited was out of the question. In others, like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, it was easy and safe to run and I did. But there were whole weeks when we were in places that I couldn’t go running, either because of the conditions of the roads and lack of sidewalks or because of the unwanted attention it would draw.

For another thing, I’ve been eating like crap. In South America there weren’t a ton of healthy food options and I’m a vegetarian which complicated things. I’ve consumed enough bread and french fries and soda in the past six months to keep the Yellow Number 5 Food Additive Factory in business. Here in India, I’m eating more vegetables and almost no processed food. But Indian food is heavy in butter. And I may also have an addiction to cheese and garlic naan, so there’s that.

One reason I am happy to settle for awhile into our home in Goa is because I’m able to establish a running routine again. Every morning I run five miles towards the little town of Chaudi and then up and over a hilly jungle road.

Today I brought my cell phone so I could snap some pictures. I thought I’d bring you guys along on my morning run in Palolem, India.

Here we go…

Run in Palolem, India

Two of the neighborhood dogs see me off.

Run in Palolem, India

I run past half-constructed houses

run in Palolem, India

and an open field where the monkeys sometimes play.

Run in Palolem, India

I turn down the dusty road towards Chaudi

Run in Palolem, India

and run past a colorful temple.

Run in Palolem, India

I follow the road through a tiny village

Run in Palolem, India

and then out of the village and up towards the jungle.

Up, up, up the hill…

Down the jungle road

… and then down the other side.

Goa Animal Rescue Center

I run past the Animal Rescue Center


and the local dump.

cow poop streets

I dodge poop in the street

Cow in India

and a lone brown cow.

River that was damed

I run over a bridge that spans the empty bed

of a river that was damed.

Water buffalo

Up, up, up

towards the water reservoir.

cow standoff

Except, this guy won’t let me pass.

Running shoes

So I turn back towards town.

Colorful flowers

I run past bright flowers


and under the railroad bridge.

smelliest dumpster

Past the smelliest dumpster

Indian intersection

 and a busy intersection.

Back down the open road

Then I run back down the road that leads to Chaudi


and turn onto the street I live on.

colorful house

Finally, the colorful house next door comes into view

Sweaty run

and my sweaty run is over.

Clean and coffee

I’m showered and drinking coffee before the roosters are done crowing.

Thanks for running with me. Consider your daily workout complete.

(You’re welcome)