Brian started a blog! Introducing Wandering Sasquatch

by Kim on March 19, 2013 · 11 comments

I interrupt my regular blogging schedule to share four words I never thought I would write:

Brian started a blog. 

I suppose after 2+ years of watching me hunch over my computer, cussing at wordpress and screaming things like “WHAT THE HELL IS AN ALT TAG?” and “WHY CAN’T I CROP THIS GODDAMNED PICTURE?!” he just had to see for himself what all the fuss was about.

And now here he is, all dressed up in his Sunday best, ready to present himself to the world. I am oh so proud of him.

So without further ado, let me present to you Brian’s new blog, Wandering Sasquatch.

Wandering Sasquatch Logo

On Wandering Sasquatch, Brian writes about life, travel, and the search for Sasquatch. Also baseball, beards, beer and whatever else strikes his fancy.

Encouraged by the positive feedback that you all have given him when he’s written here on So Many Places, I idly suggested one day that maybe he should start his own blog. And then he went ahead and shocked me by

So please, if you would, join me in welcoming Brian into this wild world of online storytelling.

You can find his blog here: Wandering Sasquatch Blog 

Like his Facebook page here: Wandering Sasquatch on Facebook

And even follow him on Twitter here: @WanderSquatch

(for the record Brian asked me recently “what the hell is a tweet?” to which I responded “um… it’s like, um… sort of like a one-sentence shout into the ethers?” Neither of us are very good at tweeting.)

Thank you all in advance for giving Brian a very warm welcome and thanks, as always, for following along on our journey.