Welcome to our little home in Palolem, India

by Kim on February 13, 2013 · 108 comments

It has been nine months since Brian and I have had a place to call home. Nine months of constant moving. We spent three months in a tent in the U.S. National Parks, five months sleeping in a cornucopia of South American beds, and three weeks in the guest houses of northern India. We needed a home like Linus needs his blanket.

So we found one. A perfect little apartment, fifteen minutes walk from Palolem and Patnem beaches in southern Goa. It’s incredibly low-key and peaceful here. Monkeys play in the trees above our balcony. Cows meander slowly down the street.

I am reveling in the small things. I take great joy in leaving my toothbrush on the sill, drinking coffee on my couch, and saying things like “I’m tired, do you want to go home now?” instead of “I’m tired, do you want to go back to our hostel and do you by chance remember where it is? No? Me neither.”

Home. A place to unwind. It feels so deliciously good to be here.

Please, let me show you around.

The keys to our apartment in Goa

The keys to our little apartment

Our street in Patnum

Our street in Patnem

My toothbrush in it's home

My toothbrush’s home

My office

My office

Our bedroom

Our bedroom

Our balcony

Our balcony

My bookshelf

My bookshelf

Our neighbor

Our neighbor

Ganesha our one and only decoration

Our only decoration. Ganesh, the overcomer of obstacles.

Our scooter

Our scooter

Patnum Beach

Patnem Beach where I take morning runs and evening walks

A popular way to spend the day

A popular Patnem past time

Our laundry mat

Our laundromat

A favorite place to write in Palolem

A favorite breakfast spot 

A boat on Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

Our welcoming committee

Our welcoming committee. This sweet girl greets us as we come and go from our apartment.

These sleepy streets are home for the next two months as I devote myself to writing and Brian devotes himself to the Game of Thrones series. Afterwards? There is more of India to explore. But for now we are here to rest. To be.


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