Brian’s beard goes around the world

by Kim on February 24, 2013 · 45 comments

Nine months ago Brian and I left our home in Portland, Oregon and set out on the biggest adventure of our lives. For three months we camped and backpacked around the U.S. National Parks, a boyhood dream of Brian’s. Then, six months ago, on August 15, 2012, we boarded a plane to Ecuador. We didn’t know how long we’d travel or even where we’d go (we still don’t know) but we knew we were taking a life-changing leap of faith that would impact us profoundly.

To commemorate this new phase of our lives, Brian shaved off his beard. He wanted a fresh start and he wanted to measure our time on the road by the length of the shadow his beard cast on his chest.

Six months, it’s such a tiny bit of time. But this half-year has undoubtedly changed the way we look at the world and, yes, the way we look in it too.

August 2012

Leaving to travel the world

August 15, 2012. Portland, Oregon. A clean-shaven Brian leaves for the airport. Do we look terrified? We were terrified.

Good food in Quito, Ecuador

August 18, 2012. Quito, Ecuador. Brian and his barely-there beard enjoy a $3 almuerzo.

September 2012

Banos Ecuador

September 16, 2012. Baños, Ecuador. Brian’s beard turns 1 month old. Overlooking Baños and the scenic Andes Mountains.

October 2012

Lake Titicaca

October 27, 2012. Puno, Peru. Brian and his beard on a boat headed to Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca.

November 2012

Puerto Natales, Chile

November 15, 2012. Puerto Natales, Chile. Celebrating a sunshiny afternoon in Patagonia (and a 3-month-old beard).

December 2012

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

December 20, 2012. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Judging from the length of the beard’s shadow I estimate this photo was taken at 2 p.m.

January 2013

Brian in rickshaw, Jaisalmer

January 1, 2013. Jaisalmer, India. The men of Jaisalmer thought Brian could be the next Mr. Desert.

February 2013

Agonda Beach

February 14, 2013. Palolem, India. Brian and his beard (and me!) relax on the Arabian Sea.

I can’t wait to see what Brian will look like six months from now. Maybe something like this?



Future. Somewhere in the world. Future Brian minus the ape boobs (I hope).