Scenes from India

by Kim on December 28, 2012 · 44 comments

We’ve arrived in India!

I am jet-lagged and sleep deprived and brain dead, friends. Like, for real. We’ve traveled from Brazil to Germany to India in less than a week and then, arriving in Delhi mid-morning, we boarded a train and shot across the country, an 18-hour overnight trip complete with snoring men and crying babies.

But none of that matters because we! are! here! And Hannah and Sarah are here too. I am already madly in love with these girls and feel as though I have known them forever. Sarah is a kind and calming presence with a wicked sense of humor. Hannah just shines like the sun. She is absolutely beautiful.

Hannah and Sarah

I love India. I love that it is messy and dirty and beautiful all at once. I love that God exists in everything. I love the colors and the smells and the cows in the streets and the skinny dogs. I love the shit and the naked kids and the chai tea and the bobbling heads of the Indian men as they try to sell me trousers. India is so alive. I feel alive here too.

Cows in India

Indian woman

Jaisalmer India

Indian women

And, ahem, of course there is that business of driving a rickshaw.

Today Hannah, Sarah and I met the fourth member of our team. She is beautiful and only slightly rickety. She has padded seats, just like me.

We took her on a test drive up and down a fairly quiet street. Hannah and Sarah are natural drivers but I am terrible. I have to constantly remind myself to squeeze the clutch before I shift gears, to slowly turn the accelerator. Also, I panic each time I get behind the wheel. I haven’t driven a car, lawn mower or bicycle in almost a year, but here I go navigating a rickshaw through India. Life is so unpredictable.

Rickshaw Run

Rickshaw Run

And in case you were wondering, our rickshaw has already broken down. Something to do with an air bubble in the fuel line. Thankfully, this nice man fixed it in about three seconds flat. I have a feeling that the good people of India will take care of us.

Rickshaw Run breakdown

Our adventure begins in four days!