Luna Runtun Adventure Spa: a Baños oasis

by Kim on September 26, 2012 · 28 comments

Luna Runtun Adventure Spa: A Baños Oasis

Brian and I just wrapped up our time living and volunteering in Baños, Ecuador. It was an overall great experience, we lived communally with the other volunteers in a two-story building that housed both volunteer boarding space and the interactive library where we worked with the children each afternoon.

But after three weeks of roommates, lumpy beds, and a bathroom that came with an affectionatly named “floor towel” which we placed over the drain each night to keep the cockroaches out, Brian and I were ready for a little bit of luxury.

Cue our stay at the most amazing hotel in Baños: Luna Runtun Adventure Spa

Beautiful Luna Runtun

Luna Runtun´s 310 acres of unspoiled Andean forest is located in the flank of the active Tungurahua Volcano (5.016m/ 16,450 feet); perched 400m/1,300 feet above Baños, the gateway to the Amazon, and surrounded by Sangay and Llanganates National Parks. The views from Luna Runtun are spectacular.

Even the winding road that leads to Luna Runtun is breathtaking. The road skirts pasts waterfalls and cliffs that drop into a rushing river below. Vulcan Tungurahua peeks her head from between the clouds.


We arrived to Luna Runtun in the late afternoon, were received in the beautiful and colorful art gallery lobby, and then taken on a tour of the grounds before being shown to our room. The tour took us past Runtun Restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Cafe del Cielo, which has the most amazing Oreo milkshake in all of Baños, and a large vegetable garden where food for the restaurant and café is grown.

The lobby also doubles as an art gallery

Our room was located on the northeastern side of the property and when we entered my mouth dropped and I heard Brian say, under his breath, a shallow “woooow.” The room was stunning: tile floors, a large stone fireplace, a clean and private bathroom, and a big, comfortable bed piled high with perfect pillows. Two rocking chairs sat in a sitting nook pointing out a picture window towards the Andes.

Our room at Luna Runtun

The man who’d shown us to our room informed us that if we’d like to burn a fire in the fireplace to simply call the front desk and they would send someone to light it for us. Brian shot me a look that said “HELL YES” and I returned it with a little smile. Then the man left and we high-fived and hopped around the room like little kids.


There’s not a lack of things to do at Luna Runtun. There are twenty-five adventure activities and birdwatching programs to enjoy and twenty-five spa treatments at the onsite spa, as well as delicious food and drink served up at both Runtun Restaurant and Café del Cielo.

Luna Runtun spa

But the main reason that I’d been lusting after a stay at Luna Runtun was because of the four pools and jacuzzis filled with hot volcanic water. Located near the back of Luna Runtun’s property, the pools overlook all of Baños and the Andes Mountains.

Luna Runtun pools from above

Heaven is a hot tub in the mountains

Brian and I spent hours reading and relaxing in the warm pools. In the afternoon clouds rolled in and it began to rain in the distance, creating a bright rainbow visible from where we sat in the water. When the rain finally reached us we lay back and closed our eyes, letting the cold water run along our faces while our bodies remained submerged in the heated pools. It was spectacular.


We hadn’t been pampered in a long time and we felt like we were on our honeymoon again. Indeed, Luna Runtun is the perfect honeymoon spot. A stay in one of the romantic suites with a king size bed, in-room jacuzzi, fireplace and private terrace with a view has got to be one of the best romantic getaways in all of South America.

Romantic suite at Luna Runtun

Because Luna Runtun is the perfect place to relax and recharge, there are also Yoga Suites available. The Yoga Suite is one room with two twin beds, a private bathroom and a large terrace with jacuzzi, outdoor shower, lazy chairs, and a table perfect for early morning journaling sessions while taking in the views of Llanganates National Park.

Yoga suite at Luna Runtun

Today we are packing up our backpacks and leaving this oasis of Luna Runtun and Baños behind, headed to the colonial town of Cuenca. We’re sad to go. Not only could we get used to life at Luna Runtun, but we will deeply miss the wonderful little town of Baños and all that she has given us.

The price for our room at Luna Runtun was $77 per person per night which includes dinner, breakfast and use of the fabulous pools.

Our accommodations were graciously provided by Luna Runtun Adventure Spa but all views expressed here are my own.