5 Best Beaches in Greece

by Kim on September 26, 2012 · 1 comment

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It’s beginning to look like fall in the northern hemisphere and chilly nights and crisp days will soon transform into ice and freezing temperatures. This time of year always gets me thinking about warm weather and sunny beaches and how the ultimate in beach experiences are holidays to Greece

To get your wheels turning and provide encouragement to start planning your next beach holiday, below you’ll find information about the best five beaches in Greece. Pack your bags and enjoy!

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach

This beautiful beach is located in the Pylaros province and is considered the best beach in Greece by many people, and for good reason.  The white pebbled beach contrasts beautifully with the mountainous background and sheer vertical cliffs, creating a coastal sanctuary.  Only swimming is allowed in the waters at Myrtos so you will be hard pressed to find a better beach experience. There’s no dodging fishing lines and motorized boats at Myrtos Beach!

Stalis Beach

This gem of a beach is located on the NE coast of Crete and is a popular spot for Europeans on holiday.  The many beachfront hotels are family friendly and regularly offer activities to entertain the little ones. There’s also great shopping in town to keep everyone happy.  The beaches here are private to the hotels and beach bars, but buy a drink at one of the bars and you can have a day filled with sun and relaxation. In the evening, you can enjoy a meal at a variety of restaurants and pubs. Irish pubs, especially, are a local favorite.

Elafonisi Beach 

Another great beach in Crete, Elafonisi is located on the west coast of the island.  This beach is in a protected nature preserve and development has been restricted in the area. Because the beach has been saved by over-development, Elafonisi looks the same as it did years ago.  The pristine white sand is interrupted only by occasional patches of pink, caused by bits of broken shell mixing with the sand.

Ambelas Beach

This quaint beach is located in the Paros region and has developed a reputation as a calm and peaceful vacation spot in recent years.  The main industry is fishing, not tourism, but this means plenty of fresh fish in all of the pubs and restaurants in town.  For those who are looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy reading a book on the beach, Ambelas is the right beach for you.

Paradise Beach

This popular party spot is a perennial favorite for those looking to have a good time on the beach.  Typically filled with young party-goers, this is a beach where people go to see and be seen.  The party can begin as early as 5 p.m, and it is common for parties to last until dawn. There are plenty of activities to fill your day, such as scuba diving, jet ski rental, and ATV rental, but in Paradise, the nightlife is king.