We reached our RTW savings goal!!!!!!!

by Kim on February 15, 2012 · 68 comments

Guess what today is.

Nope, keep guessing.

Oh!  So close.

Okay, let me help you.

It’s payday.

But today is no ordinary payday.

Today, after years of pinching pennies and eliminating debt and watching our savings grow by a measly two percent paycheck after elusive paycheck; After the big setback of selling our house at a loss, and too many minor setbacks to count, the day that we never really quite believed would ever arrive has finally arrived.

Today, we reached our savings goal.

Oh, hell yes, we did!!!  

We made it.  

I think back over the past three years at how far we’ve come, how hard we’ve worked, to save the money to make this dream a reality.  It has been a long road and there were plenty of times when I wondered if we would ever really make it.  It feels amazing to want something so badly and to see it through to the end, to dream up something that felt impossible and then keep our noses to the grindstone year after year, slowly inching closer to the goal.  It would have been so easy to throw our hands up and declare it’s impossible, but we kept going.  


A few of the sacrifices: Keeping the crappy car, Selling the house, Counting our change

Today, finally, the money’s in the bank.  The plane tickets have been bought.  The jobs have been notified.

Tonight, we celebrate.

I’ve written a lot about saving money over the years, so to find a complete list of articles on the subject click here.

And one more thing.  

I know this is just a tiny blog, one little website bobbing along in the infinite hollows of cyberspace, but to those of you who have followed us on this journey, through all of its ups and downs, thank you.  

I know I’ve never met most of you and may never get to say this to you in person, but thank you a million times over for your support, kind words, and encouragement.  Brian and I can feel your prayers, energy and cheers for us.  They have, and will continue to, give us strength and courage.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, I think it takes a village to raise a dream, too. Thank you for being a part of raising ours.

93 more days!!