Take the leap: the risk isn’t what you think it is

by Kim on February 12, 2012 · 14 comments

Photo by allspice1, flickr creative commons

I have a favorite quote which I have recited to myself hundreds of times over the last three years:

“There comes a time when one must risk everything or sit forever with one’s dream.”

When I decided that I wanted to leave my job and sell all my stuff to take a shot at traveling and writing full-time, I believed I was risking everything to follow the dream.  I was terrified, but the thought of sitting forever with my dream was unbearable.  I knew that I had to allow myself the opportunity to coax the truest part of who I am out from deep inside and bring her to life. 

The risks were huge.  I thought I was risking my marriage, my happiness, financial security, my career.  I thought I might lose it all.  There were no guarantees that anything would work out the way I hoped. 

As I look back over the past couple of years, from where I sit today, I see that I really have risked a lot. 

But I also see that everything that really matters was never at risk.  The things I had before that truly meant something to me I still have today.

I still have my husband who is a bigger, braver version of himself.  I still have my family who, even if they can’t completely understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, continue to love me. I still have my friends.  I still have my dogs.  I still have my health. I won’t have my career, but I have the possibility of a new career doing what I love.  I don’t have a house full of stuff, or a house for that matter, but I still have everything I need. 

In fact, not only do I still have everything that mattered to me before, but I have more than I had before.  I have faith, now, in the bigger thing that weaves us all together; where I used to see coincidence I now see connection.  I have a clear and constant channel of communication with my inner voice.  I have this blog which gives me a forum to share what I write. I have hope that my big dreams will live and flourish.  I have joy.

I had to be willing to risk it all, because my willingness was proof to the universe that I was ready to see this dream through to fruition. 

In the end, though, the unexpected magic in it all was that I didn’t have to give up anything that truly mattered.

96 days until the journey begins.