RTW {digital} dinner party

by Kim on February 29, 2012 · 15 comments

Our friends Bethany and Ted over at twoOregonians are hosting a {digital} dinner party– and we’re invited!

What’s a {digital} dinner party? Basically, it’s an opportunity to mix and mingle with other world travelers– digitally!  You can find the backstory here.

Meet and Mingle:  Hi, we’re Kim and Brian, two 30-somethings originally from Ohio.  For the past eight years we’ve been living in Portland, Oregon.  We’re completely in love with the Great Northwest.  

In 2009, we hatched a plan to sell our stuff, quit our jobs, and set out on an around the world adventure.  Three years later, we’ve sold our stuff, our jobs have been notified and our trip will begin on May 22, 2012.  

We’re not sure exactly where we’re going or how long we’ll be gone.  We do know that we’ll spend June-August, 2012 road tripping the U.S., visiting friends and family, and backpacking around the National Parks.  In August we fly to Quito, Ecuador.  We’ll overland through South America, reaching Buenos Aires, Argentina by Christmas.  In January, 2013 we’re headed to India.  After that, Nepal?  SE Asia?  Europe?  We don’t know yet.  

Kim and Brian at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon

What we’re bringing to dinner: I (Kim) am a terrible cook.  Brian is a bit better, but we don’t want to subject you fabulous guests to our unappetizing meals.  Instead, we’ll bring the beer!  We won’t bring just any beer, we’ll bring the best of the west– some fabulous Oregon microbrews.  

You may have noticed that Brian wears the same shirt 98% of the time — he is a minimalist!

Table Talk:  We definitely have a lot to discuss, especially because most of the other guests are already traveling, and we’re on the brink of leaving.  We love to hear stories and advice from those who’ve gone before us.

Without a doubt, Brian will always converse about the universal manversation: sports. Football, futbol, basketball, baseball, rugby- it doesn’t matter.  Somehow, Brian knows a bit about it all.

I love to talk about my three loves: running, reading and writing.  

But, since we’re at the table with traveling couples who inevitably understand the highs and lows of leading a slightly unconventional life, I’d love to talk about the things that touch us deeply: setting aside career, home ownership, and children to seek a bit of freedom at an age when we really feel the pressure to settle down.  What does it mean to do the “right thing”? What do you think your life will look like five years from now?

Thanks for the invite twoOregonians.  Follow the rest of the #rtwdinner party here.