We bought our tickets to Ecuador!!!

by Kim on November 13, 2011 · 63 comments

Should I do it?” I ask Brian.  I am sitting in front of the computer and one-way airfares are pulled up on the screen.  I’ve found tickets at a good price with the perfect arrival time on the date we’ve agreed upon.  All I have to do is press confirm.

Why am I so nervous?”  I ask him.  “Are you“?

A little,” he responds, “Once you buy those tickets it’s really, really, really real.”

I pause.  My heart is pounding.  My heart should not be pounding!  Haven’t I been waiting for this moment for years?

I take a deep breath.  Click.

The screen changes and displays our confirmation number.

Brian!” I’m squealing like a five-year old “We just bought one-way tickets to South America!”

After a lifetime of dreaming, three years of saving, and a crazy year of selling our house and all of our stuff, our trip around the world is officially on the books.  This is really happening!!!!

First stop?  A land of natural and cultural diversity: Ecuador.

Ecuador’s Flag by Charlottesommerschuh, Flickr Creative Commons

A child during a parade in Ecuador by mavik2007, Flickr Creative Commons

Banos, Ecuador by Dogymho Flickr Creative Commons

The coast of Ecuador by AMagill Flickr Creative Commons

Quito, Ecuador by David Berkowitz, Flickr Creative Commons

We will spend 4-5 months in South America, moving overland through Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.  At the beginning of 2013 we will purchase our next one-way ticket to SE Asia.

Holy crap!!!!!!!  I have been floating on air all weekend.  This! Is! Really! Happening!