RTW Planning Makes You Boring

by Kim on September 18, 2011 · 30 comments

Warning!  Travel planning makes you boring.

At least, it makes me boring.

Planning a trip around the world dominates my thoughts.  

When I’m sitting in a meeting, eyes glazed over, it’s a pretty sure bet that my mind is half a world away, mulling over trekking options in Peru, conjuring up images of beaches in Thailand.  Or, as I sit in my cubicle taking notes, a to-do list most definitely grows in the margin of my notebook:  Research travelers insurance! Find out the best time to visit China!

Not an hour goes by that I don’t think about our trip.

Brian and I used to silently roll our eyes at those people that have babies and suddenly they’re all: my baby gained a pound/took a two hour nap/had his first smelly poop today!  And then we’d be all: Oh yeah?  Wow.  That’s fascinating.  Oh, look at the time, we’ve got to go home and… um… wash our hair.

Brian (on his birthday).  Clearly hair washing is a priority for this man.  

We have vowed to each other, on more than one occasion, that we would never become the kind of people that can only converse about one single thing.


These days when we’re out with our friends and they ask what’s new with you? I watch the panic creep into their eyes as I thrill them with an hour-long explanation of our latest and greatest travel plans.

Even when I’m not provoked, I can’t keep myself from blurting out: Guess what?  We’ve been researching Inca Trail trekking companies and did you know that porters are only allowed to carry 12 pounds of your gear?  Isn’t that interesting?  And the typical tip for a porter is…

And our friends are all: Oh, look at the time! Man, we sure do hate to run but we’ve really got to get home and clean the oven.

Seriously, who have I become?

You might as well put a diaper on my Lonely Planets.  This trip is my baby and I am head-over-heels in love.

Our new additions.  Welcomed to the family on 9/17/2011.


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